We Have The Voices to End Rape Culture Part Two

I recently posted about a horrific article published in The Lacrosse Tribune and my intentions to contact them and express my dismay at the article being published. I wanted to update my initial post to let everyone know that I have received an email back.

response email

For those of you unfamiliar with how The Associated Press works basically newspapers have the ability to print stories other newspapers have run in their own newspapers. So will nobody employed at The Lacrosse Tribune wrote this article I do feel they endorsed it by choosing to share the story in their paper.

In light of this I have asked them to write a public apology recanting their endorsement of this article and what it stands for.

email to tribune


I am also including the contact information of this newspaper for anyone else who would like to express their discomfort. Having shared part one on social media have already talked to others how we equally enraged and wanted to voice their opinion that this type of media exploitation of victims of rape and sexual assault will no longer be tolerated.

To write to this paper you can contact them at letters@thelacrossetribune.com

To see my original post “We Have The Voices to End Rape Culture” click here!

5 thoughts on “We Have The Voices to End Rape Culture Part Two

  1. Such a powerful post. Me being a female it’s hard for us out there. Its always be careful of being raped. But not telling the potential rapist do not rape. Thank you for this piece.

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    1. I totally agree. It’s very frustrating to say the least. When I think of my kids growing up I don’t want them to have to worry about walking home by themselves because they’re afraid of being raped. I really hope that things change if we keep speaking out!

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  2. I’m just hoping that Mr. Rusty and his fellow editors take action. I was so furious when you first told me about this. I’m also irritated when you showed me their reply when you demanded an apology from them. I have a feeling that they’d just dismiss this, but I’m hoping that there are good human beings employed in that newspaper who will feel badly about the insensitivity of publishing this horrid article in their newspaper.

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