Cashier: Are there 50 boxes of Kleenex here? Me: I’m watching Clannad. Cashier: Would you like more from the back?

Ahhhhhh yeah, it’s Anime Challenge time! I started you up on a high note just to bring you down… Yep it’s Day (Week…ish) 12. If you’re keeping up than you know that today’s the day I name my choice for saddest anime scene. Get your fricken’ tissues ready people. Things are about to get real.

That’s right… We’re talking Clannad: After Story real.


clannad after story3


If you’re not familiar with Clannad I feel like I should give a brief introduction into the show. Sentia Filmworks describes its’ first season as:


“Tomoya Okazaki is a Junior in high school and has had a very rough life. When he was little, his mother died in a car accident which made his father turn to drinking and gambling. Due to his Father’s behavior, Tomoya and Father do not get along and Tomoya has become a delinquent. One day Tomoya meets a girl named Nagisa, and they start to hang out together. Tomoya is now beginning to think his life is about to change because of his new friend.”


And it’s second season Clannad: After Story as:


“Picking up where Clannad the series left off, Tomoya has confessed his love for Nagisa, taking their relationship to a new level and direction. The second semester starts up and Tomoya continues to meet new people, who alter his perspective of family and relationships. As time passes, the path which Tomoya and Nagisa walk is filled with challenges and struggles that will test the strength of their love.”


I describe both seasons a little differently. If I was in charge of writing synopsis of shows Clannad and Clannad: After Story would be described as:


“A beautifully drawn story about two high school students and how their lives interact with those around them. This is a story that teaches the viewers that terrible things happen to good people no matter how much you yell, scream, and cry at your TV screen. A story that proves that no matter how many tissues you go through you will keep watching because it is just such a goddamn beautiful and well done anime.”


Sadly they continuously reject my proposed change.


clannad after story
I’m also open to just a picture of this popping up every time someone asks for a summary.


Now that you’re in the correct mindset let’s get to the challenge. Even though there are some heartfelt scenes in Clannad and Clannad: After story there is one scene that stands above the rest.




The scene I’m talking about comes from Clannad: After Story and it is the scene where Tomoya apologizes for being such a bad father and we learn that Ushio (Tomoya’s daughter) has been holding back her crying because there’s only two places she was aloud to cry according to her Grandma. In the bathroom or in her daddy’s arms, so she has been waiting all this time to have him even acknowledge her.


clannad cry

I have gotten misty eyed during some anime scenes and I have shed a tear or two, but to this day this is the only scene that has made me flat out ball. I’m talking legit ugly crying and giving no F’s who sees me sort of crying. I think to understand why this scene is so emotional you really have to watch the show from the beginning to get the full impact but I’m posting this clip below for anyone who needs to refresh their memory as to what scene I’m talking about.

Before you even ask, hell yeah I cried during this video clip! I’m not made of stone people.


So what’s your saddest anime scene? Comment below and let me know I’m not the only one ugly crying in the dark on my couch while watching anime.



All memes are from the internet!

3 thoughts on “Cashier: Are there 50 boxes of Kleenex here? Me: I’m watching Clannad. Cashier: Would you like more from the back?

  1. All this hype around Clannad never got to me. I mean, it’s way too god damn exaggerated to give me such feels. Yeah, okay. It was a bit emotional ’cause that is its purpose. However, it didn’t give me tears. So many dumb characters. Mainly Nagisa. Stupid selfish self-centered bitch.

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    1. I didn’t get as emotional during Clannad but goddamn if Clannad After Story didn’t get me. I actually want to re-watch it one of these days to see if I feel the same but I remember loving Nagisa lol! I believe Tomoya pissed me off though because she like Tomoyo and I was like, “Go AWAY!” I believe the last episode of Clannad they did one where it was like what would happen if Tomoyo ended up with Tomoya or something like that and I was not having it :p

      Liked by 1 person

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