Just Peachy

*Since the original publication of this post I have learned that Too Faced is owned by Estee Lauder. Estee Lauder is a company that test their beauty products on animals. To learn more about what this means for Too Faced Cosmetics and why I will no longer review their products on GrimmGirl please read Is Too Faced Cruelty Free? Turns Out… Not Exactly 


I’m behind on my style posts (surprise, surprise) and I’m just now getting to my review of Too Faced’s Peach Palette. There are two reasons for the delay on this review; first, I really like to use any product I’m going to review multiple times before I give my thoughts. So I am never going to review anything the day or even week after it comes out. I might post a few pictures on my InstaGram or mention it on my Twitter but I like to really play with a product before I do a full on review. The second reason is that I have to admit it did take me a while to get my hands on this! It sold out on their website very quickly after it was released so I had to wait a month to get it at Ulta. So forgive my tardiness but trust me it was worth the wait.

If you have no idea what Too Faced’s Peach Palette is allow me to fill you in. It is basically an eye shadow palette with 18 fun colors. Too Faced describes it as:

“Be sweet as a peach with these fresh-picked shades infused with the juicy scent and antioxidant-rich essence of peach. Create endless looks with 18 shades of peachy pinks, corals, bronzes, and pops of purples that will have you looking summer-fresh year-round. Includes our signature Glamour Guide with three looks to get you started.”

 Time to get into some pros and cons!


Peach Palette Pros:

  • It really does smell A-MAZ-ING. When I first opened this palette I just sat there, smelling it for a while. Then I made my husband smell it. Of course then my daughter had to smell it. Finally I put some on my eyes to see if they would smell… They did. Sure I probably looked like a creeper running around like that but I regret nothing.


  • It has a pretty diverse color palette to work with. I like that it has sweet/bright colors to create fun summer looks but also dark colors to smoke things out. Colors like Tempting and Talk Derby to Me are perfect for creating those sultry looks we all dig.



  • The Glamour Guide is actually really easy to follow and fun to use. I tried out all three looks and I have to say that Smoldering Peach was my favorite. Which really surprised me because I don’t usually go this bright with my eyes. Just goes to show every once in a while you should break from your normal routine! Sometimes you’ll surprise yourself.
smoldering peach
Here’s the eyes I created using their Glamour Guide for “Smoldering Peach”. I’m really happy with this look and I’m glad I gave it a shot.


Peach Palette Cons:

  • Good luck finding it. Honestly that’s my only con. I really love this this eye shadow palette and I think you can create some legit looks. The biggest problem with this palette is finding It is sold out everywhere.



I feel like having this palette is a good way to go if you are makeup obsessed like me, or just a casual make up user. Since it has a nice color palette you can create a lot of various looks. If you are just a casual user it is a good all in one sort of product. Instead of having a bunch of little eye shadows you can get this palette and be set. These colors are perfect for the summer!

If you don’t have this palette yet but want to try it out I would check out your local make up store (like Ulta or Sephora) because you might get lucky. Otherwise I recommend going to Too Faced’s website (you can click here) and signing up on their mailing list to be notified on their next restock.

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