Hunter X Hunter X Season X Two

I’m finally back with some HUNTER X HUNTER * strike super sweet anime pose *

Gon pose


Unlike my Watamote reaction blog posts, which are done by episode (check out my first one by clicking here) I am doing my reactions and thoughts on Hunter X Hunter by season. If you didn’t catch it you can read my initial post on season one of Hunter X Hunter by clicking here.

On to season two!


I’ll admit I’m becoming pleasantly surprised with the direction Hunter X Hunter is taking. I can feel the anime addiction rising…


Season one ended after Gon and company recused Killua from his bat shit crazy assassin family and the group (Killua, Gon, Leoria, and Kurapika) decided to part ways with a promise to meet again in Yorknew City.


Leoria goes to pursue his medical training, Kurapika goes to seek connections to find Phantom Troupe (the criminals that slaughtered his Klan), and Gon and Killua decide that they need to train and make money in order to get to Yorknew City. Gon is still determined to return his tag from the Hunter Exam to Hisoka. Hisoka will only accept it when Gon can land a punch on him. Last season Gon learned from Kurapika that Hisoka would be in Yorknew City for a big fancy auction.


Killua decides to follow Gon and suggests they go to Heaven’s Arena. It’s basically a giant training/gambling complex. The more you win the more money you make. This way they can make money for the trip and train.


Season two focuses mainly on Gon and Killua’s adventures in Heaven’s arena. So on the bummer side if you’re a big Kurapika or Leoria fan you’ll be disappointed that you wont be seeing them. On the plus side we do get to see Hisoka

* swoon *



Season two is only twelve episodes but three big things happen that I of course want to talk about.


One: Discovery of Nen


In season two the boys come across another boy with a strange technique that reminds Killua of his brother Illumi’s. They quickly realize there is more to fighting than just throwing punches and if they want to compete at the top level they will have to master Nen. It’s basically like harnessing your spirit energy in order to create new techniques unique to themselves.


Nen users fall under six categories: Enhancement types, Emission types, Manipulation types, Transformation types, Conjuration types, and Specialization types. The type of Nen user you are is inherent to who you are as a person and there is no changing that. For example someone who was a Manipulation type user could use a Transmutation technique but it would be weak. Finally only Specialization users can use that technique.


By learning about Nen and mastering their Nen types Gon and Killua have a much better chance at meeting their goals. They also gain a better understanding of how other fighters are so talented and how to defeat them at their level.


Two: Gon Lands a Punch


While training at Heaven’s Arena Gon and Killua run into Hisoka and Gon is pumped! Gon wants to challenge Hisoka to fight as soon as he sees him but you know Hisoka, he wants to see how far Gon has progressed.


After Gon fights two opponents at one of the top levels Hisoka agrees to fight Gon. Now, Hisoka is obviously toying with Gon the entire fight and not going all out but Gon still manages to land a punch! Which was technically his only goal to start out with anyway. With his goal accomplished he is able to return his Hunter Exam tag back to Hisoka and clear his debt.

gon and  hisoka


Three: Ging Freecss

On the last episode Gon finally receives a massage from his father. Apparently when Ging left Gon with his cousin he left a message to be given to Gon if he ever became a Hunter. In Ging’s message we learn two very import things. The first is that Ging is a total dick. The second is that if Gon wants to find Ging he needs to get the game Greed Island, a super rare video game.

Sadly we don’t hear anything about his mother because Gon decides he doesn’t want to find out about her. He explains to Killua that since Ging brought him to Whale Island by himself he assumes that his mother is dead and it doesn’t matter to him because his Aunt Mito will always be his mother.

I had super conflicted feels on that last one. I mean I get that Mito raised him and I want him to always consider her his mother but…. WHAT ABOUT HIS REAL MOTHER?! I mean what if she loved him and wanted to raise him but died during labor or something? Shouldn’t she get a chance to have him hear that from Ging if that was the case? Awww sadness.


Hopes For Season Three

MORE HISOKA! He’s hot. I’m not going to apologize for that. Yes, I realize that Hisoka is psychopath but he’s an endearing psychopath and that’s why I love him.

Reuniting of Team Hunter Exam! What’s going on with Leoria and Kurapika? I miss them on the team!

And lastly…

Who’s this Phantom Troupe I keep hearing about? When are they going to hit the scene. I’m ready for some epic fights.


Hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to let me know what you think of Hunter X Hunter in the comment section below.


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