Watamote: When Otaku Go Wild Episode 4

Episode 4 review of WataMote is finally here! Sorry it has taken me so long! Fun fact about my personal life, I’m a teacher (third grade) and I also direct middle school/high school plays. Our middle school performances, parent teacher conferences, and third quarter grades all happened at basically the exact time so I have been swamped! I finished it all up though so I will have time to put up new content more frequently. Thanks for being patient and sticking around these past few weeks J

Before we get into my reaction of episode four let’s take a look at Hulu’s synopsis of the show.

“Kuroki wonders why she STILL hasn’t been molested on the train. Later, she asks her BFF Yuu to help her buy cute panties.”

I’m going to be honest I was apprehensive to watch this episode due to this description. Listen, I’m not trying to open up some sort of huge internet dialogue with my next statement nor am I opening the door for a debate, I’m simply stating a fact on how I feel on this subject.

I am not okay with shows treating sexual assault as humorous. I’m simply not amused by it at all. I can speak from personal experience and I sadly have friends who will tell you as well that a sexual (or attempted) assault is fucking terrifying and not something to joke about.

I have also never met a single person who has wanted to be assaulted or molested. Having a character in any show act like being molested or assaulted some how establishes their attractiveness as a female is just not something I can get behind. I just don’t like the idea of anyone’s boundaries being violated.

So in my own personal protest I will be discussing this episode as if that portion of the show didn’t happen. Again I’m not trying to open a debate on this issue I’m simply explaining why this review wont mention that portion of the episode.


Moving on…


This episode begins and ends in true Watamote fashion… awkwardly. Tomoko is online (of course) and reads that lying on your stomach increases your chances of having “erotic” dreams while sleeping. Two seconds into the episode and I already have so many questions!


  • Seriously where does Tomoki find these sites! I am both curious and frightened to see what her Google search history is…!
  • Why the hell doesn’t she just have her OWN fantasy before bed? Why does she want to induce a dream one? She can’t really control a dream one so it seems like it would make more sense to create your own fantasy and then fall asleep.
  • What if she suffocates trying to sleep like that?


If Tomoko had had these same thoughts before she went to bed she would’ve been much better off. Instead she practically suffocates herself and has the worst nightmares ever. She also gets zero sleep, which leads to her next public humiliation… obviously.

Since she couldn’t fall asleep she goes to school dead tired and that’s where her life takes another a turn for the worst. She falls asleep in class, which isn’t normally a bad thing unless you’re Tomoko who ends up having one her best wet dreams ever. I would also like to point out that she has the creepiest erotic face in the world so her class/teacher all had the pleasure of enjoying that.


Creepy Tomoko4


Tomoko maintains her dream was so good because she was in a place where she shouldn’t be having those thoughts. It upped the naughty factor.

I maintain it’s because she’s insane and I love her for that.

After her fun little fantasy she is able to get her head back in the game and continue her quest for boy popularity! She decides that the reason the boys haven’t come a flocking is because she doesn’t have sexy panties. According to Tomoko logic you can’t get far in life if you have the lamest panties your class. I guess that’s something people keep track of in the crazy mind of Tomoko.

Tomoko decides to call her best friend (technically only friend) for advice on panty shopping. I think at this point we just have to be thankful she didn’t ask her brother! After creepily asking Yuu to take her panty shopping she’s finally ready to take on the challenge.


Creepy Tomoko


Tomoko’s first foray into the world of sexy panties doesn’t disappoint.

So she stares weirdly at everyone and okay yeah, she might have also smelt things in her normal awkward fashion. Still I can’t help but cheer her on when she starts to feel out of her element. I found myself mentally yelling at her, “You can be there Tomoko! You deserve cute panties just like everyone else!”

My mental cheers quickly turned to, “Don’t ask people to picture you in your panties!!! I can’t take you anywhere! Also quite picturing Yuu in her panties. Your prev face is showing and it’s scaring people! We’ve talked about this!”

Tomoko finally finds her perfect panty but isn’t quite ready to wear them. She exhausted all of her bravery just going into the store and purchasing them after all. Of course now that she owns them she is faced with a dilemma. Where does she put them where nobody in her family will see them?

Now, I have no idea why Tomoko would think anyone in her family would go shuffling through her room or why she thinks they would care about her panty choices but this is Tomoko we’re talking about. The girl isn’t known for her logic and that’s why we love her. I mean if anything she should be worried about them coming across her Internet browsing history…

Either way Tomoko is a problem solver. By problem solver I mean taking a situation that is not a problem and turning it into an actually problem. My sarcasm is showing.

Tomoko’s solution? Carry her panties with her to school… In her hand… In class… * face palm *


Creepy Tomoki3


I think we all just need to take a moment to appreciate Tomoko’s teacher. First he has to deal with her super creepy turned on face when she has her little fantasy in class and then he has to stumble open her just swinging panties around! WHHHHHHHYYYY Tomoko?

Finally she’s able to get out of school and she can feel the winds of change. As proof of her good fortune she is the proud winner of a massager. Which she takes home, merrily.

Here’s where the episode could end. Right here. Buuuuutttt……


It doesn’t. It ends with her falling asleep on the ground to a Boys Love game, with her massager turned on next to her and her dad finding her.


He shuts off the game, turns off the massager, picks her up and puts her to bed.


That’s the end. 🙂


I told you it would end in true Tomoki fashion.




Sleepy Tomoko


Reactions to Watamote you want to share or just feel like saying hi, comment below!


Finally I would like to thank the creators of these images! It wasn’t me!

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