HoldFast Handbags: Ethical and Adorable

A while ago I posted about an epic fast fashion FAIL with a wallet I purchased at Spencer (read all about it here) and I ended my post saying that I would be purchasing a new wallet off a shop on Etsy called HoldFast Handbags. I received the wallet a bit ago and I’m finally ready to give some feedback.

holdfast wallet4
This is my new HoldFast Handbags Skull & Roses wallet. It cost $58.00 plus shipping and handling and is handmade.

The best thing about this wallet is it is ethical all around 🙂 It was made in the USA (no sweatshops) and it uses faux leather (no animals were harmed). I’m also supporting a small business, which is a bonus for sure!

In fact Miss Randi, the owner of Holdfast Handbags boast that she is a “one woman operation” and I have to agree. Miss Randi explains on her website that she personally designs all of the handbags/accessories, drafts the patterns, sources the materials, cuts the fabrics, sews them up, photographs them, packages them, and finally ships them to us. Whoa.

I’m really impressed with how well made my wallet is and I don’t expect to be replacing it any time soon… Although thanks to Miss Randi I will technically never have to replace it. That’s right people Miss Randi does repairs on all of her handbags/accessories! You just have to ask, how cool is that!

holdfast wallet
You are able to choose from a wide variety of accents in order to personalize your order! I chose the faux leather.
holdfast wallet2
You are also able to choose your inside lining! I knew I couldn’t go wrong with Lipstick Red. By the way did I mention you can talk to her about custom orders?


















Even though Miss Randi must be one busy chica check out this little note she sends with her purchases! Isn’t that adorable! I’m blown away when a business is willing to go the extra mile with personal touches.

holdfast wallet3
Well worth the 2-3 week wait it takes in order for Miss Randi to create her handbags/wallets


The last thing I wanted to say about this wallet is that I love the style. I personally have a more alternative style to my fashion and I have to say that I have been having a hard time finding things that I enjoy stylistically that are ethical. I mean this is the least offensive way I can think to say this but I swear everything I look at that is ethical is so earthy. Which is fine for anyone a fan of that style but I need my skulls and death bats.

So if you’re looking for an ethical avenue to get your wallets/handbags and your fashion tastes follow along side mine I would check out Holdfast Handbags for sure! Click here for the link to Miss Randi’s website and also know that she has a shop on Etsy as well!

Know of any other great stores to get ethical handbags/wallets? Comment below! I would love to hear more 😀

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