Jeffree Star Drops MakeupNet

If you’re used to getting your delicious Jeffree Star products through you, my dear, are just going to have to look elsewhere.

In a series of tweets Jeffree Star made it perfectly clear that he will be severing his business relationship with MakeupNet after he finding out that MakeupNet is stocking Lime Crime products.

Jeffree StarJeffree Star tweet


This is not the first time Jeffree Star has made it clear that he doesn’t support this brand or any company that associates itself with Lime Crime and I just have to say I find his integrity just tops.

If you are not familiar with Lime Crime I’ll just sum up their history in one word… Controversial.

While Lime Crime is cruelty-free you won’t find support for the company on this website. To have GrimmGirl support you need to be ethical inside and out and this company has had to many moments that have caused me (personally) to question their integrity.

If you’re still curious about their controversy you can always check out they do a pretty decent job of giving a concise rundown of the company’s history. Also be sure to check out beauty blogger Mai’s post from a few years back on Lime Crime’s China Doll palette and lack of cultural sensitivity.

It is important to me that the companies I write about and support on GrimmGirl are not just producing ethical products but are also providing an ethical company. The fact that Jeffree Star is willing to pull his product from MakeupNet to stay true to his values is really powerful to me. I want to support companies that act with such conviction and seeing his fortitude reminded me once again what I’m trying to do on GrimmGirl.

I’m trying to raise awareness on how the way we act as consumers can impact the way companies do business. I want to raise that awareness because for so long I didn’t act consciously when buying a product. I didn’t want to think about who made it or who was hurt by it. That was a big mistake on my part and I deeply regret those decisions I made.

I decided I that I no longer wished to be that type of person. I want to know what’s in the products I buy and I want to make sure no one is hurt in the process whether animal or human. I want to make sure that the products that I support with my money are conducting themselves in an equally ethical fashion.

I wrote this story because I wanted to show my support of Jeffree’s actions. Even if it is just in a small way. He saw something that he felt went against his companies values and acted in a way that preserved his sense of morality. I am inspired by actions like this.

2 thoughts on “Jeffree Star Drops MakeupNet

    1. How does he continually get away with this?
      I dont know how the public is this blind.
      Years later,
      come to find out 90% of the mean gossip and slander against lime crime was a bunch of lies.
      Jeffrey Star always the common denominator, and he manages to destroy his economic competitors and steal their ideas.
      All while pretending to take a moralist position.


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