Favorite Mech Anime? More like ONLY…

I bet you all thought I’d forgotten all about my anime challenge! WELL I DIDN’T!!! I’m just a super fail at blogging lately! Also I’ll be honest, I’ve been super dragging my feet on this one. If you are keeping track of where we’re at in the anime challenge than you’ll know that we’re currently at Day (Week) 11 Favorite Mech anime.

So why am I dragging my feet?

Sigh… Because to be honest Mech anime is outside my general watching habits! I honestly feel like I’m not really doing this post justice because when I say that this anime is my “favorite” Mech anime what I mean to say is that it is my only Mech anime!

So here you have it my favorite Mech anime is… Code Geass!


code geass


Now to be fair I really did enjoy this anime! However I can’t honestly say it is my favorite because I have nothing to compare it to! So after much consideration I have made a decision. I’m asking for your favorite Mech anime! After hearing some suggestions I will watch them ASAP, scouts honor.

I will tell you what I loved about Code Geass though! It was such an emotional roller coaster. It’s been awhile since I last watched Code Geass but I remember exactly how I felt watching it. It was my first truly complicated anime.

I watched Code Geass my freshman (or was it sophomore?) year of college. I was just starting to branch out in my anime tastes and up until that point I’d only watched Drangon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Inuyasha, Full-Metal Alchemist, and some Hayao Miyazakii films. These are all great but they all share something that Code Geass doesn’t necessarily have.

They have clearly defined good guys and bad guys. Goku is a good guy and some how he will always win because that’s what good guys do.

In Code Geass it’s really hard to say who or what is good or bad and that was the first time I’d experienced that in an anime. I love that about this show! It was great to watch because I really didn’t know what to expect out of the ending.

The way Lelouch and Suzaku are written was beautiful to me. Their friendship wasn’t in the same mold as Inuyasha and Miroku’s but it was still strong. In a way their relationship was like a beautiful tragedy destined to end in bloodshed and it was the first time I saw that portrayed in anime. So while Code Geass is the only Mech anime I’ve watched you’ve got to admit, it’s a pretty damn good one.

lelouch and suzaku

10 thoughts on “Favorite Mech Anime? More like ONLY…

  1. I’m totally there with you on the lack of mecha anime watched. You could also try Full Metal Panic (one of the seasons is nothing but comedy). And it’s not like I’m only recommending that because it’s the only mecha anime I’ve watched besides Code Geass. XDD

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      1. Actually, the second season is the mostly-comedy one. The Fumoffu stuff. It’s not actually a tearjerker. I just remember I actually enjoyed it those year back. ^__^

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  2. I’m not really into mecha either, so maybe I’d recommend Patlabor (it’s on Hulu)… that’s an older classic that has a lot of humor, but puts the mechas more in a real life context… not battling space monsters, but working on construction sites and used by the police.

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    1. Thanks!!! I add it to my list as well! I’m honestly not really sure why I haven’t watched more Mech. I think I just get preoccupied with my other shows! So much anime so little time :p


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