Hunter X Hunter X Season X One

It’s been a minute since my last anime post so I hope you’ll enjoy some Hunter X Hunter themed talk. I’ll admit that I’m super behind with the excitement of Hunter X Hunter. I literally started watching it about two weeks ago and I’ve never read the manga.

Hunter X Hunter has been an anime that I’ve been aware of I’ve just never had any interest in watching it. The thing about anime is that there are definite drawing styles when it comes to the animation and it runs from the more realistic vibe to the more cartoonish. Obviously just like everyone else something I look at when choosing a new anime to watch is how the characters are drawn. I just connect more with certain styles and find them more enjoyable to watch.

I would say that Hunter X Hunter is drawn with a slightly more cartoonish vibe to it that has always made me shy away from it. Shame on me though because you shouldn’t judge an anime by its’ cover. I recently decided to give it a shot on a whim and so far I’ve been pretty pleased with it. I completely blew through the first season in about two days! In honor of season one I thought I’d give a bit of a summary on the plotline of show and my thoughts on season one.

Hunter X Hunter Cast

Summary of Hunter X Hunter

So the story focus on Gon Freecss a 12 year-old boy on Whale Island being raised by his aunt who decides he wants to be a hunter in order to find his father. The show opens with him catching this enormous fish that nobody’s been able to catch since his father, when he was 12. Having been able to catch the fish Gon is given permission by his aunt to take the Hunter’s Exam.

The Hunter’s Exam is this hardcore test given to people and if they pass it they are given their hunter’s license, which grants them a ton of boss privileges. Gon’s father is a hunter and Gon believes if he becomes a hunter as well than he will eventually be able to find his father. He also wants to see what is so great about being a hunter that his father would leave him as an infant to be taken care of by his aunt in order to continue his work as hunter.

The first season pretty much focuses on Gon going through the hunter exam and along the way he makes friends (Kurapika, Leorio, and Killuna) and rivals (Hisoka and Illumi).

I’ve really been enjoying this show but with that being said I would admit that it’s a fighter anime spun from relatively the same cloth as many other fighter anime. Gon reminds me a lot of Goku from Dragon Ball. Their personalities are insanely similar as well as their hairstyles 😛


Kurapika definitely has that whole Sauske Uchiha backstory going on. You learn pretty quickly that he is out for revenge against a troupe of bandits that massacred his klan for their eyes. He is currently the last of his line. Sound familiar?



Honestly, I don’t know what show/manga came first but it really doesn’t matter to me. I saw Dragon Ball and Naruto first so the Hunter X Hunter characters will always remind me of them and not the other way around!

I’m also still a little confused as to what the point of a hunter is and who exactly controls the ones that decide to be dicks? Fairy Tale has the magic council and their guild masters, Naruto has their Hokage, and Hunter X Hunter has… who?!

I get that they have to pass the exam but what happens after that? They just get to run free and do whatever they want? What about people like Hisoka? Don’t get me wrong I love his character but something tells me that a man like that shouldn’t just be given free range to run where ever. The man oozes murderous rage.

I don’t see myself becoming as die hard about Hunter X Hunter as I am with some of my other shows but I do recommend it! It’s a fun watch and I can’t wait to watch the rest of it. I also plan on buying the manga since I’m pretty sure its’ storyline goes past the five seasons currently on Netflix.


Have you ever seen Hunter X Hunter? Comment below with your thoughts!

6 thoughts on “Hunter X Hunter X Season X One

  1. Aaaaaw. Hisoka is one of my anime crushes. He’s psychotic but his character is hot, in my opinion. HxH is one of my favourite series. I watched the original adaptation as a kid so it’ll always have a special place in my heart. Despite the “cartoonish” art style, the story arcs are deep and serious and I love that. Anyway, glad to hear that you’re enjoying it so far.

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      1. Yay! That’s great. I’m glad that you’re enjoying it. This is one of my favourite series ever, but of course ONE PIECE will still be at the top. But I really like the world-building in HxH.


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