Someday season two will come out but it is not this day.

Okay! Our anime challenge is back on! I’ll admit I’ve been getting a little backlogged on my blog posting but I’m here now! To recap we have looked at:

The First Anime You Ever Watched= Dragon Ball Z

Favorite Anime You’ve Watched So Far= Cowboy Bebop

Favorite Male Anime Character Ever= Gaara

Favorite Female Anime Character Ever= Erza

Anime You’re Ashamed You Enjoyed= Diobolik Lover

Anime You Want To See But Haven’t= One Piece

Your Anime Crush= Sho Gojyo

Favorite Anime Couple= Sailor Moon/Tuxedo Mask

Best Anime Villain= Shogo Makishima


30 week anime challenge


Which brings us tooooo……. Favorite Fighter Anime!

Now again, please remember I am trying my best not to double dip into shows so I immediately eliminated all above-mentioned anime from the running. Also please remember your on GrimmGirl and I do spoilers all day every day. That being said Even this anime is a show that I think can honestly stand toe to toe with any fighting based anime out there above mentioned or not. With that being said you have to know already that I’m talking about Attack on Titan.


attack on titan


What’s not to love about this anime? I mean besides the fact you will spend every other episode cursing the world from a fetal position. This show blew me away within its very first episode. Off the top of my head I can’t think of another anime with such vicious graphics. Do you remember when that titan just straight up eats Eren’s mother? There’s no blackout scene where we “get the idea” his mom was eaten it is just straight up bone crushing CHOMP! Body is bitten in half and Eren is scared for life.


Another reason I have to single out Attack on Titan is not only for the fact their fight scenes are brutal (in the best of ways) but also because I really enjoy the way they show case fighting. At lot of times I think that we see the lighter sides of things. Take the shows Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, and Fairy Tale for example. These are all fighter anime that I super enjoy but the way they approach fighting is vastly different than the way Attack on Titan does.


In these shows you see the comradery between the characters. There is a deep focus on how their friendships and bonds will propel them to victory. The fact that they believe in each other and themselves is enough to face down each hurdle. There is a more light-hearted nature to these shows if that makes sense.


Attack on Titan is the exact opposite. If I had to describe it in one word I would say Attack on Titan is raw. In away I would say Attack on Titan is the Batman to all of those other shows Superman mentality. It’s gritty and shows the more underhanded views of humanity. The death of Eren’s mother is a perfect example of what I’m getting at.


In Attack on Titan Carla (Eren’s mother) is taken by a titan after she asks Hannes , a solider, to save her two kids (Eren and Mikasa). He grabs the two kids and while their running a titan picks up Carla. For a brief second Hannes looks as if he’s going to attempt to save Carla but upon seeing the voracity of the titan he chickens out and runs with the kids. Not before Eren helplessly witness his mother’s brutal death.


attack on titan carla


If this had been a show like Fairy Tale Hannes would have charged in hoping for the best, and then gotten his ass kicked. This would have awoken Eren’s inner strength and would have some how managed to inflict enough damage on the titan to pull his mother to safety and probably save Hannes too. It would have been a brutal fight but still would’ve ended with the majority of characters safe.

Instead this is Attack on Titan where happy moments are far and in between and instead we’re left with Hannes explaining to Eren that Eren couldn’t save his mother because he lacked the strength and he couldn’t save his mother because he lacked the courage. No sugar coating the issues here.

To summarize I like Attack on Titan’s unique spin on things. Humans aren’t always brave, or great leaders, or forgiving of others. Sometimes they’re complicated shitheads. Sometimes they let us down the moment we need them most and there’s nothing we can do about it except pick ourselves up and move forward. To hope that maybe we get a little stronger ourselves so that we don’t have to rely so much on the people around us. Sometimes you have to push forward even when there isn’t someone encouraging you to. This show is complicated and messy and they express it best through their fight scenes. I adore it.


Now if only season two would come out…



7 thoughts on “Someday season two will come out but it is not this day.

  1. Heh, Attack on Titan is certainly a unique sort of show! I almost didn’t follow it after I binged the first several episodes, because I have this thing about so many people dying horrific deaths, but then we got to the seventh episode, and that moment when Mikasa stands up and finds hope again… that’s when I knew I had to keep watching it. 🙂

    I actually mention that on my own Anime Challenge, which, I’ll be eagerly awaiting the rest of yours! 🙂

    Oh, shameless plug for my blog, you can find mine summed-up here:
    Hope you enjoy! 😉
    Be warned, I have no problems with double-dipping! Or triple-dipping! Or… many-more-dipping! 🙂

    As for what you’ve got so far, I’ll peruse that later, but for the moment:
    DBZ: Same.
    Cowboy Bebop: very nice!
    Gaara: really? Hmmm, I must read that one first…
    Erza: agreed. 😉
    Diabolik Lovers: ……we can never be friends. 😛
    One Piece: YES! You MUST see this! Set aside, like, an entire month to do nothing but watch it! You shall walk away fulfilled in life! 😀
    Sho Gojyo: don’t know that one.
    Sailor and Tuxedo: meh.
    Shogo Makishima: …don’t know that one either.
    Attack on Titan: …I think we define “fighter anime” differently. I was thinking one of those things where they do martial arts or boxing or some such, fairly realistic though likely with an anime spin on things. But the fights in Attack on Titan are pretty awesome, aren’t they? I think my favorite is Levi vs the Female Titan. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will def stop by! I love reading other peoples challenges to see what they think (Even if they’re double dippers :p)
      Gaara: Hell yes! I’m a sucker for character development and angsty backstories.
      Diabolik Lovers: Way to rub it in :p
      One Piece: I know! * Hangs head in shame *
      Sho Gojyo: From Saiyuki (love that show!)
      Sailor and Tuxedo: Manga or Crystal reboot version, don’t even get me started on Sailor Moon S… grrrr.
      Shogo Makishima: Psycho Pass also awesome!
      I think we define fighter anime different too. I would put like a boxing styled anime into a sport anime category. Loooove the fight scenes in Attack on Titan. Favorite fight scene from it… Now that’s blog post idea for sure! I’ll have to think about it.

      Liked by 1 person

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