Blogger in the Spotlight: PoKeNiNjA90

I’m pretty new to the blogging world but something that I noticed right off the bat was that it was a pretty supportive community. I LOVE THAT! I think it is so cool how bloggers (at least the ones I’ve gotten to know so far) go out of their way to support each other whether it is by following each other, sharing posts on social media, or making sure to link articles back the bloggers in this community make sure to do it.

I really want to be apart of that supportive atmosphere so I’ve decided that I’m going to do a monthly shout out to blogs I’m really digging and why. There are so many bloggers out there that are just tops to read J If you like what you read make sure to click on their name to check out their site!

So for my very first blogger in the spotlight had to be Pokeninja90! She is actually is the person who gave me this idea in the first place. She does a weekly recap and one week she added one of my posts! I thought that was so cool!

That being said here are three reasons you may fall in love with this blog!

I’ve been told this but… I think I’m going to have to throw caution to the wind anyways!!!


If you’re into otome games this is the place to check out. Even if you’ve never played before and your just curious and don’t know where to start this is a great place for information. Not only does Pokeninja90 have reviews and impressions on lots of games she’s really helpful on answering questions. I’ve been wanting to jump on these games for a while and she has been really cool about giving me some options.


BL (Boys LoVe) ❤

She’s a diverse player J If you are interested in BL themed games she has you covered there as well. I’ve never played BL before but I have to admit her reviews have got me curious! I think I may have to venture over to the BL side at least once just to see what’s up!


Ramblings and Rants 

I’ve you have to the free time you’ve got to check out her ramblings and rants. ‘Cause she’s just frickin’ funny!

… my pitiful part-time retail slave paycheck still allows me some pleasures…and by pleasures I mean paying for the company of sexy 2D pixel men…” –Pokeninja90

BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I love it. So make sure to check out for all your otome/BL needs or just for a good cheering up! You’ll be glad you did, scouts honor!


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6 thoughts on “Blogger in the Spotlight: PoKeNiNjA90

  1. I agree. Great article. I started my blog the day after New Years and have made many blogger friends. I don’t regret it. Love your blog too!!!

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    1. I was so surprised by it in a good way. I was worried with it being the Internet I’d run into a lot of competiveness and internet trolls! Thankfully that wasn’t the case! Everyone is so chill and nice, I love it ❤

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