Watamote: When Otaku Go Wild Episode 3

All right, we’re back with more adventures in Watamote: Since I’m not popular the weather’s bad with our insane heroine(ish) Tomoko Kuroki! Let’s recap. So far Tomoko is a psychotic first year high school student who wants nothing more to live high school to the fullest. Unfortunately she has incredible social anxiety and lives her life through otome video games.

She basically only has one friend (Yuu) whom she knew as a fellow wallflower back in middle school. Sadly Yuu goes to a different high school and just to kick a girl while she is down Yuu has also blossomed into quite the cute chick. Tomoko found this out in the last episode and handled it with grace. By grace I mean she drowned her sorrow in a yandere boys abuse CD.

Episode three opens up with Tomoko putting her things in her locker on a dismal and rainy day. As she gets ready she overhears two other girls complaining about how the rain ruins their hair (their hair is perfect) we then pan to Tomoko who’s hair has taken on a mind of it’s own! This basically sums up Tomoko’s life.


We also face some Tomoko style drama when she realizes she forgot her textbooks and can’t summon up the gumption to ask the boy next to her to share. Tomoko is such a self-sabotager! This could have been her perfect otome moment! Instead she chickens out and goes into “stealth” mode in order to be undetected by her teacher.


Stealth Mode doesn’t work.


Tomoko can go days, MONTHS even without a single person noticing her but the moment she tries to go unnoticed she is picked out within seconds. Mostly because se has an unanimous aura… My poor Tomoko! She’s basically scared for life by her teacher.

He’s so mean! Yelling at her and whatnot 😦 I wanted to beat him up. Tomoko has it hard enough.

After her humiliating teacher experience she has to walk home in the rain, gets yelled at by a stranger for getting to close to the flooding water, and then her umbrella breaks! At this point I just want my poor Tomoko to get home without anything worse happening. That of course doesn’t happen.

Tomoko ends up taking cover to avoid the rain and shortly after two boys join her. I seriously just wanted her to sit in silence. She has zero luck in these situations and I felt like her day had been bad enough. Tomoko doesn’t listen to my advice and decides to be brave.

Why cruel world? On one hand I was like, “Nice Tomoko! Practice makes perfect! You can do this.” On the other hand I was like, “Jesus Christ, please, please be silent!”


Her first strategy is polite conversation. Fail.

Her second is her “cheerful” girl approach. Fail.

Her last attempt was toilet humor. Super Mega FAIL.

Tomoko cheerful

She blurts out to the boys that she has to take a dump and then basically runs off saying that she was trying to be funny. It was pretty painful to watch. Bonus points to her for regaining her composure and coming back. They’ve both left but still. She’s getting pretty brave!

She falls asleep and the sweetest thing happens ❤ The boys come back and one of them has brought her an umbrella! It’s a totally sweet moment. He leaves it there while she’s sleeping and she wakes up to it. I wish she knew that he did that! I want her to know!!!!! She doesn’t make the connection though 😦

She finally makes it home to find out that her brother is sick. She decides to try to catch his cold in order to be able to skip school the next day. She tries hard in true, creepy Tomoko style but as with everything in her life she doesn’t get her way.

At school the next day she overhears a psychological test that labels her celibate and has a sniper fantasy that has me convinced that if she doesn’t get help soon she will murder someone. The fantasy abruptly ends when she gets beaned in the head wit a basketball and gets sent home early.

In away that’s kind of good luck for her! She did want to stay home to play games. We have to take the Tomoko wins wherever we can get them. They are few and far between after all. Case in point Tomoko has a mini mental breakdown when she realizes classmates are coming to check on her sick brother but nobody comes to check on her.

It’s actually really heartbreaking. Nobody probably even realizes she’s not at school. Tomoki is so rotten! He needs to say something nice to his sister to cheer her up! Has he no heart? Okay maybe she did sort of hit on him to catch his cold… and ate his food… and poured hot porridge on him… but I feel he got his revenge when he Naruto kicked her to the side!

Tomoko finally gets her wish and catches Tomoki’s cold. Just in time for the weekend. Fuck.

Oh, and she gives Yuu the psychological test and Yuu’s labels her as going to have sex. Double fuck.

tomoko fail
Ohhh, Tomoko…..

I cannot take credit for these pictures!

4 thoughts on “Watamote: When Otaku Go Wild Episode 3

  1. As bad as she thinks things are now, Tomoko actually gets off pretty easy in this one. The boy with the umbrella shows up again in a later episode that’s sort of like peak humiliation for an entire lifetime.

    The girl with the handout for her brother actually becomes an important character in the manga, especially after she starts going to high school herself. She was recently the center of a chapter that many fans think was one of the funniest ever, and by this time Tomoko’s finally getting a little more confidence in dealing with people.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gah! I’m sure she is! I feel like I’m watching a walking, talking disaster with this girl! But I love her ❤ I just want her to be happy!! Waaah! I don't want this boy to play a part in her peak humiliation! I want them to get married and have adorable Tomoko babies 🙂


      1. She recently tried visualizing herself as a housewife, and taking care of a Tomoko baby (it was so funny, it had her eye circles and a pacifier and everything)… she saw herself putting the baby into one of those baby backpack carriers, and carrying him… all the way across the room, where she sits down and plays video games all day.

        She decided that in the end she would just wind up getting beat up by a “REAL housewife” (her mom).

        Liked by 1 person

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