Best Anime Villiain? I Got You.

Forgive me Grimmlins for I have sinned… It has been 12 days since my last Anime Challenge post. Please don’t ask me why I cannot seem to get my life together. How do people do this challenge in 30 DAYS? HOW is that possible? Has someone ever literally done this in 30 days?

I need to know.

Moving on from my mad little rant above, we’re on “week” eight of our anime challenge: Best Anime Villain.

I’ll admit this was a hard one. I’m trying hard not to double dip into my anime shows because I think that will create a more interesting challenge piece so I eliminated all bad guys in previously mentioned posts. I also decided that instead of thinking of the anime villain I hated the most, I would focus on the villain I loved the most. That left only one option.


~~~~Shogo Makishima~~~~



Before we go further I’d like to remind you all where you’re at, you’re at GrimmGirl and I do spoilers like they are going out of style. So if you have yet to see Psycho Pass first, take a moment to look deeply ashamed of yourself.

Did you do that?

I hope you did because you should be.

Second, go watch Psycho Pass and come back so we can talk about how amazing Shogo is! Or just throw caution to the wind and read ahead. Trust me, nothing I say could make season 1 of Psycho Pass any less amazing.

You’ve Been Warned



Shogo Makishima is such a perfect villain. I know I was not the only one who was disappointed when Kougami killed him.


(Notice that huge spoiler right off the bat? Yeah that’s how we role on GrimmGirl)


Their battles and standoffs leading up to their finally scene was so perfect you didn’t want it to end. Throughout the series you couldn’t help but find a little piece of your heart rooting for him to escape. Not because you wanted him to continue to hurt more people but because he was just so good at being bad!


He’s basically the BBC version of Moriarty in the anime world as far as I’m concerned. You cannot help but want to see how his plots unfold and be a little impressed by his sense of flare. Let’s be honest, the man can throw down an ingenious plot while looking damn good doing it.


While I do truly believe that the second season of Psycho Pass is setting us all up for something great in season three (I know a lot of people are disappointed in season 2) I’ll still admit that I deeply missed Shogo. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Kamui just isn’t in Shogo’s league. I’ll also admit that there is a HUGE part of me that is hoping that some how some way Shogo is still alive and the clashing of minds between Kougami and my favorite villain will be back on!


Shogo and Kogami


Here’s to hoping!

Comment below to let me know some of your favorite anime villains 🙂

*  Thank you to the creators of these images because it was not me! I got them off the internet *

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