Oh honey, just wash that damn brush.

Okay I’m going to be honest with you people. I was not always as makeup informed as I am today and to be real, I’m still learning lots. One thing that I was terrible at was washing my makeup brushes because honestly for some INSANE reason that I will never understand it didn’t occur to me that I should wash my brushes. So if you are anything like past me you really need to read this! Nobody likes to do it (myself still included) but brushes need to be washed regularly, and here’s why.

makeup brush4
What we’re all really hoping for on Valentine’s Day… Oh yeah, shirtless Ryan is good too.


Makeup Brushes Don’t Grow On Trees!

Look makeup brushes aren’t cheap! I just bought a It Velvet Luxe Foundation brush from Ulta the other day for $38! Do you think I want to spend that again anytime soon? No. No I do not. So what can we do to make sure we’re able to keep our hard earned brushes as long as possible? Wash those bad boys! Washing your brushes regularly prolongs its life saving you money in the long run. Brushes are an investment people, so do yourself a favor and wash those beautiful things!


So Thought You Had Acne Before…

If you’re not cleaning your brush you are basically making a lovely little hotel for all the germs/bacteria in the area. After inviting them all in to stay in your cozy brush you proceed to slather them all over your face… Let me tell you, your face, doesn’t like it! It rebels hardcore in the form of acne. You are tempting fate my dear and it is just a matter of time before your face breaks out. If you’re luck is like mine it will be on a day where you really wanted to look nice.

Let me lay out the facts. Right now on your unwashed brush you can find old makeup, dirt, oil, dead skin, and bacteria. If you don’t wash that brush it isn’t going anywhere but your face. No wonder your skin breaks out!

makeup brush
You really can get pinkeye people… Trust me, I don’t care how “on fleek” your eyebrows look it’s not hiding that mess.

Talk About a Vicious Cycle

So let’s say you just can’t be bothered to wash your brush regularly, what’s the worse that can happen? A Germ Cycle GrimmKids. That’s the worst that can and will happen. See your brush is full of germs, bacteria, and all manner of icky and then you dip that brush into your favorite foundation, eye shadow, or whatever and you transfer some of those germs to your makeup. Now you have bacteria on your brush, in your makeup and as soon as you touch your face… You guessed it, on your face.

Here’s where the cycle begins, but cause now the next time you wash your brush and think you’re golden remember that your make up products now have those germs. So you stick your clean brush into your dirty make up and then put that on your face. Then you forget to wash your brush and introduce NEW germs/bacteria into your make up (again) and then put THAT onto your face (again!). This cycle just keeps going! So just do yourself a favor and wash them regularly.


Pissed Your Make Up Brush Doesn’t Apply Nicely?

Yeah, there are some sucky products out there, but you know what would really help this problem? You guessed it, if you cleaned your makeup brush. If you have a dirty brush don’t be pissed when you can’t seem to get the flawless look. Your brush isn’t able to do its job properly when it is so gunked up with everything else you’ve thrown at it.

Let’s also remember what I said about makeup brushes being an investment. There is no point in paying good money on a makeup brush if we’re not going to take care of it properly causing it to need to be replaced quicker and also making it impossible to work at its full potential.


Bonus Fact

While the above talked about why would should all wash our brushes I thought I’d give you all one more tip on storing makeup brushes. Here’s a disgusting fact for you all. When you flush the toilet the pressure of it draining causes a fine mist of whatever was in the toilet (poop, pee, toilet water) to fly and spray everything within a 6 foot radius of the toilet.


So if you keep your brushes within 6ft of your toilet and they’re uncovered guess what else just go added to the above list of everything that is on an unclean brush. I’ll just let the sink in.

So along with washing your brush regularly you might also consider moving your brushes altogether.


makeup brush3
I’m super Sirius… Siriusly.


If this wasn’t enough to convince you to wash your brushes I don’t know what will! I hope you all found this post hopeful. Please comment below with any questions or suggestions on future posts. I adore hearing from you all!


* Thank you internet for the sweet makeup memes. Thank you original creators where every you may be! *

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