Please blame my unrealistic expectations of love on Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.

My Anime Challenge is BACK! I knew when I originally started this there was no way I was going to be able to post for the challenge everyday. So I set my goal lower at once a week… I have officially dropped the ball on that one! That being said I’m back with week eight’s challenge- Favorite Anime Couple. Which by the way is just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Nailed it.

We’re all anime fans here so I KNOW we all have our favorite couples. We ship hard people. We ship hard.

I have lots of couples that I just adore seeing onscreen, but there is one particular couple that will always stand above the rest as my all time favorite.


❤ Usagi and Mamoru ❤ possible better known as ❤ Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask ❤


Princess Serenity


Please forgive my high-pitched, girlish fangirl scream buuuuttt…. EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! They are so adorable!

Before we go any further I feel it is my Sailor Scout bound duty to point out that the Usagi/Mamoru duo I have grown to love is not the Sailor S version of the couple. Puke. It is the (cue my ultra snob voice) original manga version of the couple and the new Sailor Moon Crystal reboot version that despite some interesting animation choices is much closer to the original version, and therefore much loved by me!

If you have never read the books or seen the new reboot and are just seeing Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship through Sailor S eyes you are not seeing the full awesome power of this couple.


First off, in the manga there is never a relationship between Mamoru and Ren (Sailor Mars). It is Usagi and Mamoru all the way. Also the teasing Mamoru does of Usagi is really overexaggerated in the Sailor S series. There is some very light teasing in the beginning, but it is clear to the both of them from the very beginning that there is something more between them.  I think that is so beautiful that even before they get there memories back as Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion their souls recognize each other. I’m a romantic at heart ❤

Usagi and Momo


Their backstory is incredible beautiful to me too. I love that from the beginning they were willing to do whatever it took to be with each other. Rulers of two different kingdoms separated by SPACE itself. No problem for these two.

Endymion’s entire kingdom, including his closest friends become corrupted by the Dark Kingdom. Player please, he still stands against them for her even if it means dying in the process.

Think a little thing like death is going to stop these two? Don’t be so naïve. Princess Serenity avoids that bad scenario by killing herself and putting faith in the fact that their reincarnations will eventually find each other. She has that much faith in not only her love of Endymion but his love for her. That’s amazing.

Finally I love how they support each other. Mamoru as Tuxedo Mask never feels threatened by the power Usagi wields as Sailor Moon. He encourages it. He realizes that at the end of the day she is more powerful than him but has the common sense to understand that she is more powerful because she has the love and support of him and her friends. In battles he always does his best to remind her of why and who she is fighting for, to protect the ones she loves. This is why they make such a great team.

Usagi always gives her unwavering support to Mamoru as well. In the beginning when everyone wasn’t sure if they could trust Tuxedo Mask she followed her heart (not to sound cliché) and trusted him. When he was corrupted by the Queen Beryl she refused to give up on him and had faith that their love for each other would be strong enough to break through. Their entire relationship is based on the trust they have in one another. I think that’s the type of relationship we can all enjoy.

Sailor Moon

In honor of this upcoming day of love let me know, who’s your favorite anime couple?

* Thank You Internet and the posters of these pictures for sharing *

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