That awkward moment when your dream crush is 2D…

Our Anime Challenge continues, week 7 and still going strong! This week’s challenge is to name your anime crush ❤ I don’t care who you are, if you watch anime you have an anime crush! I am no different, and this challenge wouldn’t be complete without the mention of this next man. I present to you my anime crush: Sha Gojyo… Swoon.

Sha Gojyo
Sha Gojyo

If you’re not familiar with Gojyo it means that you have never watched Saiyuki and that is a fricken’ shame because that show is awesome. If you’re into fighting style anime I highly recommend this show. That being said if you watch the dub version be prepared for a complete change on voice acting in Saiyuki: Reload and Saiyuki: Gunlock. I absolutely ADORED the English voice actors in Saiyuki and Saiyuki: Requiem, not to mention the movie. The cast included the very talented Braden Hunt, David Matranga, Greg Ayres, and of course the sexy voice talents of Illich Guardiola for Sha Gojyo! They are seriously perfect in their roles! I can’t even watch the English dub after the change over because I’m so made that they changed half way through!

Getting back to Gojyo and why he is my anime crush I have few pretty good points!

Sha Gojyo is a total badass, and I love him for it. I won’t apologize for holding an attraction for men who are a bit on the rebellious side. He smokes, drinks, gambles, and lives his life the way he wants to. He flirts with every woman he sees and has his perverted side. That being said he is also brave with his own sense of justice and I really like that. He always defends the people who needs it and isn’t afraid of a fight. Like I said, total badass.

Sha Gojyo also has a tragic backstory, and ya’ll know I’m a sucker for a character with a story. Gojyo is half yokai (demon) and human and this is considered very taboo. His red hair is a mark of his half status so everyone knows immediately upon seeing him. This has caused him a lot of heartache over the years. However the real tear-jerker is his upbringing. His mother and father committed suicide when he was small and his stepmother took over raising him. She was devastated at the fact her husband had an affair with a human. She alternatively ignored Gojyo or physically abused him. No matter how hard Gojyo tried to win her love she only felt hatred.

His older half brother was the only one who protected him from their mother. One day in a rage his stepmother tries to kill him and in order to prevent it his older brother kills his mother. He is so ashamed and guilt-ridden over what he has done he abandons Gojyo. If this doesn’t make you want to immediately hug Gojyo I suspect you are in fact a sociopath. Just saying.

Gojyo is also a sweet fighter. Being half and half in a world where that is considered a slap in the face to society you kind of have to be. His main weapon is his Shakugetsujou, which is basically a metal weapon staff with a sickle and chain, but the man isn’t above throwing a punch when necessary. Also his banter while fighting is spot on. I love a character with some humor! Actually not even just when fighting, Gojyo is basically hilarious 24/7. His fighting with Son Goku never gets old to me.

Finally, and honestly this should go without saying, he is gorgeous!!! Between his general look (love his hair) and his voice (Illich) I am in heaven whenever he is on the screen. I refuse to believe I am the only one crushing.

Sho Gojyo3

So who’s your anime crush, I know you have one!

* I do not own these pictures, nor did I create them! Thank you to the talented people who did *

4 thoughts on “That awkward moment when your dream crush is 2D…

      1. Ahahaha. I don’t get depressed at all. They’re all real (in my head). It’s like Dumbledore saying to Harry: “Of course it’s in your head, but why on earth should that mean that it’s not real?”
        I think it went like that. Anyway, don’t be depressed. 😉

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