Watamote: When Otakus go Wild

Episode 1: Since I’m not popular, I’ll change my image a bit.

So yesterday I decided to give Watamote: No matter how I look at it, it’s you guys’ fault I’m not popular a shot and I am so glad that I did! I plan on doing reaction videos to the first season so here is episode one. Listen up people, I’m not about to skirt around spoilers here! Seriously, do you know how hard it is to write a reaction post without giving any spoilers? Hard. I’m not about that life. So if your desire is to read the rest of this post spoiler free you are going to be super disappointed. If you’re not afraid of hearing some spoilers and traveling down this crazy Watamote road with me then keep on reading!

So the premise of this show revolves around Tomoko Kuroki a young girl going into her first year of high school. She claims she has been in over 50 relationships with guys, the only problem is they’re all otome style!

* If you are unfamiliar with the phrase otome it is a story based video game targeted towards ladies, basically a dating sim *

In reality she basically has had zero contact with anybody, let alone a man! Her triumphant man moments include a boy asking her what class they have next, a boy picking up her eraser, and finally a boy scooting closer to her to share her textbook. Speaking of textbook, Kuroki is a textbook otaku! Bags under her eyes included.


She goes into high school believing she’s going to be a total man-eater. Her high school days will be filled with hormones and boys, apparently like all high school experiences…. Instead she goes the first two months without talking to a single person. GAAAAHHH! She’s so awkward! I love it. The one time her teacher says goodbye to her she is only able to stumble out a weird rabid baby bear grunt. Tragic.

Kuroki soon decides that the problem is her image. If she changes that the boys will come a running! So changes she does, with disastrous results. She decides to go with a “cute girl” image, but sadly she butchers the application. How badly does she butcher it? Her brother’s reaction is basically, “Who is this UGLY chick!” Awwww! My poor Tomoko!

She decides that since changing her image was a flop maybe she just needs to focus on her conversation skills. So she basically blackmails her younger brother into promising to talk to her for an hour each day or she will kill herself. She puts on the best scary face ever! I loved this scene. When her brother asks how long he’ll have to do this she respondes, “Just until I have a boyfriend… So about a month.” Hee, hee, she is so optimistic, it’s cute!

Tomoko is also completely insane. Like, I’m 90% sure that if she doesn’t find a friend soon she will become a serial killer. The things she says (in her head of course) about the people around her are totally off the wall. I love her polar opposite personalities that run amok on this show.

After some hard-core training in the art of conversation she is finally able to stumble out a bye to her teacher and she couldn’t be more proud of her success. She decides she needs to strike while the iron is hot and stop at few places to “socialize”. She hits up a store and is pumped when she is able responded to the super hot cashier (did I mention she’s a perve? Cause she kind of is, and I love that too), she also goes to a book store and reads around 20 books while standing by actually people (she’s really living now), and finally decides to hit up a fast-food restaurant, the pinnacle of high school living.

Watamote cute guy

That’s when tragedy strikes! A bunch of kids from her class show up and she’s totally embarrassed to be seen by herself by them. She can’t leave without walking by their table and if any of them have to go to the bathroom they’ll have to walk right past her table. Out of desperation she runs into the bathroom and transforms into her “cute girl” look. This includes wearing her Dad’s old glasses, putting on pigtails, pulling up her skirt, tucking in half her shirt, loosening her school tie, and sucking her cheeks in. I see where she is going with this but she in noway pulls it off. The girl’s trying though so let’s cut her some slack.

Watamote cute

She cruises out of there and is able to briskly walk past the table without them noticing her. Tomoko is in the clear until she walks straight into her brother and his friends. They spend and awkward moment staring at each other before Tomoki moves around her. As his friends walk by she overhears them laughing to Tomoki and asking if he got a look at the super ugly girl. I was devastated! We’re all sitting here rooting for her and getting pumped about all her small victories that when it happens and you see how sad it is it’s heartbreaking. You just want to hug her.

The episode ends with Tomoki coming to find her swinging alone in the park and telling her they should just go home. She responds with a small yeah. It actually makes me love the episode more. I like how even though there are funny moments there are also moments that pull at your heart out. I like my anime to take me on a roller coaster of emotions!

I am pumped to watch more Watamote and support her journey to coolness or continued awkwardness!! Go Tomoko! Bonus fact, Watamote has one of the best opening themes I have ever seen! It was such a surprise, totally badass.


So who out there is also watching Watamote? Let me know and comment below.

9 thoughts on “Watamote: When Otakus go Wild

  1. Omg I loved this anime. I felt so bad for her. She as so awkward and it made me cringe at times. I was rooting for her but it just doesn’t work out. But I find her to be a lovable character. The situations she was put in were so hilarious. Poor girl.

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  2. This is just great, really. I don’t even know why I liked the series so much. It’s so cringy and horrible it’s just funny. I’m really sad it won’t get a second season due to poor sales, but the manga goes on. So yay for more Tomoko. ^^

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  3. Been seeing screenshots of this on my Twitter these past few months, but didn’t really interest me that much. Perhaps because of the art style? Hmmmmmm. Don’t know much about this series, to be honest. Will watch it. . .someday. Eventually. . .We’ll see. Oh well. When I watch more light-hearted anime, perhaps I’ll watch this, too. I’m currently watching serious series, so it’s going to break my groove if I suddenly watch this.

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    1. It is def a unique anime I will give it that! I’m honestly not sure what compelled me to watch it but I’m glad I did! She is such an awkward cringe worthy character haha it’s really very perfect. When you’re ready for a laugh you will have to check it out but prepare yourself for an awkward ride 😀

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