What’s a Luffy and where can I get one?

The anime challenge continues!! Thanks everyone for sticking it out with me this (or is it “thus”? Cue shoulder shrug) far 🙂 In case you’re lost as to what’s ahead and where we’re at in this little challenge, here’s a reminder on what challenges lie ahead!

30 week anime challenge

This week we look at the anime you want to see but haven’t. Recently I read Arria Cross’s blog post 10 Signs That You’ve Watched Too Much One Piece (if you dig One Piece check out her blog by clicking here) and it reminded me again that I have never watched this show!


Anyone who knows me knows that I dig a lot of fighting shows so everyone is always really surprised that I haven’t even seen a single episode. It is always recommend to me and I have just yet to jump on the ball and watch it! That being said I feel like EVERYONE around me does and I feel so lost with all their references!

One piece
He DOESN’T have a BEARD!!!!

Like what the hell is demon fruit?

Why is the dude with the straw hat so stretchy?

What is with that drawing style?

one piece3

Are they pirates?

Is “One Piece” some sort of treasure?

Is it like Dragon Ball?


one piece2
But… you killed them? What does this mean?!



Arria informs me it is quite the time commitment so I don’t think I will be starting this show anytime soon. I’m thinking maybe over this summer. I’m a teacher so summer vacations become prime anime time!


Anyone else ever seen One Piece? I’m beginning to think I’m surrounded! Don’t leave up in the air either, what’s the one show you’ve been waiting to watch?


*PS. Thanks internet for the sweet pics! *

4 thoughts on “What’s a Luffy and where can I get one?

  1. Oh, oh, oooooooooooooh!!! Ahaha. This was such an entertaining read. I can totally understand that you feel lost especially with all of those memes floating around. You don’t get it for now since you haven’t watch ONE PIECE yet. Now I’m also looking forward whether you’ll like it as much as we anime fans do. I hope that you do, so that we can fangirl together. Anyway, good luck with it. It a looooooooooong series and still ongoing. There’s a reason why it’s like that, since it’s so awesome. I’m a severely biased, shameless fangirl but so what? 😉

    P.S. Thanks for the shout-out! I appreciate it. Cheers!


      1. Yes! That’s right. Because they know that I’m, like, one of the huGEST (Sorry to all of my English teachers) ONE PIECE fans ever! 😉

        Oh well. You can watch a little bit of ONE PIECE when you have the time, but I really recommend that you watch this marathon-style, especially if you have never watched it before. Good luck!


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