That’s when I realized all other lipsticks were dead to me…

Fun fact about me; I’ve become a little obsessed with makeup. I find makeup artists to be fascinating! The things they can do are just beautiful! In light of my love of makeup I’ve decided to dedicated a part of my website to the fun stuff. So my first post will be about none other then Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick.

I’ve heard such great things about it and I am a big fan of Jeffree’s makeup skills that a while ago I made the plunge and ordered my first lipstick from him in his Celebrity Skin shade. My lipstick came in this past Saturday and I was floored. It is the best lipstick I have ever used! So here are my top three reasons this lipstick is top notch. (See what I did there?)


One: Good luck getting it off!

Talk about long lasting! When I first got it in the mail I didn’t see it till that night but I still had to try it on. It took my TWO washes to get this off! The next day I wore it and I kid you not I did not have to touch this stuff up for about eight hours. Are you serious?! The stupid L’OREAL liquid lipstick barely lasts me two hours! Not only was it long lasting, but it also looked smooth the entire time. It’s a matte lipstick so I was afraid of it starting to crack throughout the day, but there was no need to worry. It’s flawless.

Two: It feels like a dream.

I did not expect this lipstick to feel so nice. First off it is a liquid lipstick and second off it’s matte so these things combined gave the immediate expectation that it would feel really dry on my lips. Again not the case, I was really impressed with how light it felt on my lips. As I went about my day I literally would forget I was wearing it. This is a big bonus for someone like me because I love the matte look but I love the feel of a gloss. So finding a matte liquid lipstick that didn’t make my lips feel dry was the bee’s knees.

Three: Did I mention it’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free?

How cool is that? It is also cruelty –free (as in no animal testing)! I’m trying to be much more conscience about what products I buy and how it affects the beings around me. I don’t know what your views are on animal testing, but I feel that animal testing for cosmetic products is just wrong. Seeing that Jeffree Star’s products are cruelty-free is a huge bonus to me. The fact that it’s 100% vegan has its perks too. Skin-wise this is obviously a good thing, but it also makes it a more versatile product. Since, it is 100% vegan you can also use it as an eyeliner as well as a lipstick, even on your waterline! I’ve seen some really talented makeup artists use Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick to create some truly solid eye makeup looks.


If you want to check out Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick for yourself click here!


Finally, have you ever used this lipstick? What are your thoughts? Are you as obsessed with it as me 😉 Share in the comment section below!


9 thoughts on “That’s when I realized all other lipsticks were dead to me…

  1. I never tried Jeffrey Star ’cause I don’t think it’s available in my country but I’m totally in love with liquid to matte lipsticks. This is basically all I’ve been wearing for the past three months or so. XD
    And I totally understand the makeup videos hype. I spend hours just randomly clicking makeup videos on youtube.

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    1. I know he ships worldwide, buuuuut that shipping and handling charge might be insane (eeep!). I’ve just started getting into matte lipsticks and I’m pretty much obsessed! Also I agree, the amount of time I spend watching makeup tutorials is insane!


  2. I am so so SO desperate to try the Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks, I have heard so many good things about him and I love him so much! Your post made me want to try them even more. I love your stuff, looking forward to what else you’ll be posting 🙂 xx

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    1. I’m such a fangirl of this lipstick. After I got this first one I got six more haha. My obsession with it is intense. If you’re a fan of matte liquid lipsticks you are going to fall in love with it once you try it I’m sure. Let me know if you ever do!

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