Oh, that? It’s just my cloud of shame. Ignore it.

This week’s anime challenge, “Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed”. Before I get into this I just want to apologize for throwing shade at anyone who finds this next anime to be super awesome. It’s cool if you do! So to clarify why I am so ashamed that I watch and enjoy this show I feel like I have to remind the community a few things about myself.

Some of my biggest pet peeves in anime are dumb chick characters. I absolutely HATE girl characters that act like total space cadets, I find them annoying… and that’s putting it politely. I also hate characters that are super passive about sexual advances. Like either get on it or get out (do you know what I mean?) either like it or don’t! Don’t do that super weird thing where you act like you don’t like it but aren’t actually trying to stop anything! Basically I hate those weird Stockholm Syndrome characters. They’re confusing!!!!! I also am not a big fan of weak characters with no character development. I’m in it for a strong storyline. Finally I do not like characters that force themselves on other people. Hello Mr. Rapey, please go sit over there. Further… FURTHER. Yes, in the next country, that’s the ticket.

Knowing these facts about me will make you understand why I am a little ashamed (and baffled) by my enjoyment of this show. The anime that I’m most ashamed that I enjoyed would have to be… Diabolik Lovers. Jesus H. Christ!!!!! WHYYYY?!?! I’m seriously asking you GrimmCommunity! Why? Why do I like this show? It literally encompasses everything I just said I hate! So why the hell do I enjoy it so much? It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. I’m a totally hypocrite. Fail.

Diabolik Lovers2

If you’re not familiar with Diabolik Lovers you might not understand why I am so blindsided by my love of it. So here’s the rundown. Diabolik Lovers is based off an otome game of the same name. The premise is pretty straightforward. Yui a young high school chica is dropped off by her dumbass Dad gets a job overseas forcing Yui to transfer schools and move into this new mansion. When she gets there, SURPRISE, six sexy rich guys already occupy it. Not only are they sexy and rich but they’re also… Vampires! *GASP*

The plot thickens though when Yui tries to contact her father but can’t. The brother vampires finally tell Yui that she is to be their “bride”. Which basically means she’s there for them to suck her blood. Of course they soon all realize that her blood is delicious and can’t get enough of it. Each episode is short (13 minutes) and follows a pretty basic plotline. It introduces one of the brothers they force her to let them suck her blood and then she learns a little bit about their tragic upbringings that makes her understand why they act like total d-bags.

As the show progresses we learn that Yui has the heart of Cordelia the mother (and in some cases) stepmother of the boys who was a totally psycho. She wants to come back to life and is trying to take of Yui’s body. The boys eventually put a stop to this.

So after reading about what I dislike in a show and then reading about this show you are probably really confused as to why I like this show. Don’t worry I’m equally confused. It’s not like I just watched this in passing either, I really truly enjoy it. I have my vampire crushes (Subaru and Shuu), every time I hear their opening song (Mr. Sadistic Night) I get pumped, I want to buy the game and play it, and before you ask the answer is yes, of course I’ve watched Diabolik Lovers: More Blood… Ugh! And yes damnit I loved that too! Like I said above, I’m a hypocrite. Apparently I find the idea of being taken by a bunch of hot sadistic vampires sexy, okay! I offer no defense. Are you happy you pried this out of me you vultures?

Now that you know my secret anime love what’s yours? Don’t leave me under my cloud of shame alone guys.


* Thanks again internet for the sweet pics *

18 thoughts on “Oh, that? It’s just my cloud of shame. Ignore it.

  1. There is nothing wrong with watching hot men in a house together. I wish I was in the house with them. I’m finishing up diabolik lovers more blood Hahahah I totally agree with you 100% on dumb spaced out female characters. I just want to throw them somewhere hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right! They drive me crazy, and yet I can’t help but watch this show and be like, “Well hello sexy… Drink all the blood you want. I will live here forever.” Bahahaha! I watched More Blood too! In all honesty I’m hoping for a season three!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m pretty sure they have more than just the two games so I really think a season three is possible! * cue excited girl scream * Eeeeeeeeeeeehhh!!! ….I’m sorry you had to see me that way NYC.


      1. Exactly! Sometimes it feels like Yui is invisible, and I’m just ogling the hot guys. Oh no! You know how many evil temptresses have been trying to get me to cross over the dark side and play these otome games. It’s painful to resist, but resist I must. I just know that I’ll be totally addicted to them, and I’m not ready to deal with that yet. But if you want to play the games, good luck. (Foreboding music plays in the background)


      2. Ohhh Arria I will TOTALLY become addicted… When if I ever do start playing I’m 90% sure I won’t emerge from the otome world for a good couple of weeks…. Eeep! (Foreboding music continues)

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      3. Ahahaha! Well, if you value your offline social life, then it’s best to resist the temptation of otome games. It’s painful, I know, but it’s for your own good. And besides your husband might become jealous and throw away your games. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m such a Shuu and Subaru fangirl 😊 I really want to play the games too, but their only in Japanese as far as I can tell. I’m not afraid to say that part of the reason I’m learning to read/speak Japanese is to play these games lol!!

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