Week 3: Three Reasons to love Gaara

Week 3 of my anime challenge is to name my favorite male anime character of all time. Once again talk about a rough challenge! So many characters to chose from! That being said I think I’m going to have to go with…. Gaara of the Sand from Naruto.

I’ve got three reasons to absolutely LOVE Gaara!

1.) Character development!

When Gaara first came on the show it was at the beginning of the Chunin Exam and first impressions were not good. He was cold-hearted, blood-thirsty, and had a general disdain for humans in general. Gaara was completely untrusted and feared by even his own comrades and siblings. By the end of the Chunin exams he had injured Rock Lee so badly he might never be able to fight again, rampaged around the Hidden Leaf in tailed beast form, and gone head to head with Naruto in an epic battle. He can’t figure out how Naruto could be so well adjusted having a tailed beast imprisoned inside him as well and after their fight and his loss Gaara realizes that his choices to care only about himself have been his downfall. From that moment on he begins to emulate himself after Naruto and considers Naruto to be his closet friend.

From starting out as the bad guy he raises himself to the status of Kazekage. He becomes a person whose entire village depends on and loves him. He also slowly begins to garner the respect of other villages and their leaders. By the time the Fourth Great Shinobi War starts Gaara is elected the Regimental Commander for the entire army. When he gives his first speech to the entire regiment… GAAAAHHHH!!!! I’m so proud! I get goosebumps everytime!


2.) Angsty Backstory

I’m a total sucker for a traumatic sob story! Gaara’s backstory just makes me want to hug him forever. First, he has the one tailed beast sealed inside him by his father which causes the entire village to hate and shun him. Then, the one human who accepts and loves him tries to murder him. Next, he is told that his mother (who died during childbirth hated him) and his own father uses him as weapon with no care in the world for his safety. The tailed beast locked inside him psychologically tortures him to the point where Gaara becomes an insomnaic. Whether Gaara lives or dies matters little to anyone in his world. It’s no wonder he grows up with a warped sense of how relationships should function. It is not until much later in his life, after he has made peace with his troubled past, that he learns that his mother actually loved him very much, his uncle (who was his only form of support, but tried to murder him) turned out to have had acted under his fathers orders in order to test his control over the tailed beast, and finally his father apologies for his actions. I mean come on! So much angst.


3.) What’s my third reason for being a total Gaara fangirl? Just look at him….

Seriously. He’s freaking adorable! How can you not love Gaara!

So those are my top three reasons for loving Gaara. Now that you know one of my favorite male anime characters ever tell me yours in the comment section below 🙂

* All pictures came from the interweb! *

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