Welcome to Week 2 of my anime challenge! This week’s challenge is “Favorite Anime You’ve Seen So Far” and I have to be honest I struggled with this. Favorite anime out of ALL the anime I’ve watched over my entire lifespan? Why don’t you just ask me which of my children I love more?! Impossible question! So I decided to look at it from a different perspective and think about which anime I would be most surprised to hear someone else say they didn’t like. That left me with the one and only Cowboy Bebop. The idea that there could be someone out there who doesn’t like Cowboy Bebop is to outlandish for me to consider.

What possible reason could anyone have for not liking this show! It’s pure genius! The characters are amazing, the plotline is on point, animation is exactly where it should be, and the series leaves you forever wanting more. It has one of the most beautiful endings I have ever seen in an anime!

It also has arguably one of the best anime soundtracks EVER in my opinion. From the opening theme of “Tank” to the ending theme of, “The Real Folk Blues” and all the music in between, it is flawless. I don’t want to throw other anime under the bus music wise but who here really likes the background music in say, Bleach? Sure their opening and closing themes are usually pretty good, but what the heck is happening during the rest of the show? Seriously Ichigo’s fight song…

“Ooooh, ohhhh! If you want to see some action, gotta be the center of A-TRAC-TION! Make sure that they got their eyes on you like the face that you see on every magazine!”

Look me in the eye and tell me that holds up against ANY of the music on Cowboy Bebop.

For me Cowboy Bebop will always be an anime that will be as compelling and beautiful as the very first time I watched it. It’s an anime that I’m always in the mood for, you know what I mean? There’s never been a time where someone’s suggested watching it and I was like, “Nah, I’m not really feeling it right now.” I’m always in the mood for it!

Finally, just to end on a sweet note (see what I did there?) enjoy this Cowboy Bebop soundtrack video! I know I do!


What’s your all time favorite anime?




Anime Challenge- Favorite Anime

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