30 Week Anime Challenge

I’ve decided to do an anime challenge that is meant for 30 days, but I’m changing it to 30 weeks. I know me. I am not going to be able to post everyday! Hell, posting once a week is a challenge! With this in addition to my regular posts I’m hoping to be updating grimmgirl twice a week. So hopefully all goes well. I first saw this challenge on The Chubby Chibi Otaku and I thought it sounded pretty fun! So here is a brief overview of what’s to come!

30 week anime challenge

Keep in mind I am going by the WEEK not day! Seriously, I wish I was together enough in life to be able to post daily…. But let’s be real with my procrastinating ways.

WEEK ONE: First Anime I Ever Watched

Dragon Ball Z!!! I actually watched Dragon Ball Z before I watched Dragon Ball. As I recall Cartoon Network use to run episodes and my older brother was a big fan, so whenever we were at my Dad’s house we’d watch them! To this day it is one of my all time favorite anime. There was nothing more fun as a kid then running around the house kicking stuff, going super saiyan, and pretending to kamehameha my siblings into oblivion.

In honor of Dragon Ball Z enjoy a few of my favorite Dragon Ball Z memes!!

Dragon Ball Zdragon ball z2Dragon Ballz4

dragon ballz3

Seriously, though!! That last one!

9 thoughts on “30 Week Anime Challenge

      1. Well, I didn’t really plan to finish the challenge in 30-days straight anyway. And I don’t like publishing posts that are in the same category consecutively. It messes with my content variety. Ahaha. But this challenge was really helpful in thinking up topics for you. Good luck with it and I hope that you have fun. Cheers!

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      2. Exactly what I was thinking. Which kind of makes me have to do at least two posts a week just to have something different! I do think it will give me new ideas. Already I’m thinking I’m going to HAVE to do something Dragon Ball Z related.

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