Psycho Pass Season 2

As I mentioned in my previous post I have been watching Psycho Pass again and because of this I’ve been reading a lot of Psycho Pass related things, and something I’ve noticed is there seems to be a lot of disappointment over the second season.

This has of course prompted me to write my own review on second season. I will tell you flat out that I am a fan of the second season. In fact I find the second season completely necessary to the overall show. If you are not prepared for some SPOILERS you should probably stop reading at this point.

In second season there is no longer Kogami, Makishima, Kagari, or Masaoka. Instead we are confronted with a bunch of new characters with different personalities. This is going to drive the show in a new way. So going into season 2 I feel like we, as an audience have to be prepared for that. NONE of these characters are going to be like the old ones. There is never going to be another character like Makishima. Are you kidding me? The writers of the show were able to create a Sherlock/Moriarty character relationship between Kogami and Makishima that it is spot on. This is not going to be duplicated.

Kirito Kamui becomes our new villain in season 2 and in some ways he has similarities to Makishima. He, like Makishima, holds a grudge against the Sybil System and like Makishima, he is not recognized. However, the reasons they are both not recognized by the Sybil System are different and here’s what makes them unique to each other.

Kirito Kamui

Look, Makishima was for all intensive purposes a sociopath. He has a complete lack of conscience so he has no regard for good or bad. He just has an understanding of what he wants. The Sybil System works on the principal of judging the psycho passes of people by noticing how the brain reacts to behavior that they know is wrong. Makishima has never considered anything he has done to be wrong, so he doesn’t register.

Kamui on the other hand is unable to be judged by the Sybil System because he is completely unregconized by it as a whole. He is an assembly of various people and they Sybil System is unable to judge his actions. So it is not that Kamui is a sociopath who has no conscience like Makishima. He recognizes that he is hurting people and his actions reflect that. This is why the Sybil System has no interest in assimilating Kamui into their system. He is flawed in their eyes.

A perfect example is the fact that Akane is able to negotiate with Kamui. Makishima would never negotiate with anyone because he is asymptomatic. According to the Sybil System this ability is what makes their system so perfect. They cannot be persuded by the emotions of others and are able to walk a straight path. This is in my opinion a key point in second season and is what makes second season amazing in its’ own right.

We know that Makishima is like the Sybil System and is asymptomatic. We know that like the Sybil System Makishima cannot be negotiated with. Yet, we have a contradiction, because what does Akane do in season 2? She negotiates with the Sybil System. She argues with the Sybil System to judge themselves and Kamui in order to evolve. She changes they Sybil Systems mind.

How is this possible?! How is it possible that she is able to convince an asymptomatic system, who’s entire usefulness is the fact that unlike humans it cannot be swayed from it’s original intent. It acts according to it’s own sense of justice and nothing more. It has no conscience therefore it is able to judge others. In season 1 the Sybil System explicitly illustrates this fact to us. Yet, here it is plain as day in season 2 Akane stepping toe to toe with the Sybil System and convincing it to change it’s mind.

According to the Sybil System she should not be able to have this level of influence. Furthermore she should not be able to question the Sybil System with such a clear psycho pass. At the end of the day in season 2 Akane judges the Sybil System and condems their actions and the Sybil System changes its’ mind in order to follow Akane’s sense of justice.

Season 2 also shows us more discrepancies between what the Sybil System says and how it actually behaves. We see this illustrated in the relationship between Togane, Shimotsuki, Akane, and the Sybil System.

If we look at Togane we see his backstory is important to the development of this story because he is a failed experiment. His mother was an asymptomatic personality type who was in charge of the Togane foundation. Through this position she was able to create Kamui out of various bodies, which lead to her ability to create Togane. A completely AA created being. The purpose of his creation was to create a being who is asymptomatic.


Togane starts out very promising being able to kill animals but keep his hue clear. This all changes when Misako Togane’s asymptomatic personality is discovered and she is asked to join the Sybil System. This causes Togane to freak out and attempt to kill his mother and his psycho pass hue goes off the charts. In Misako Togane’s eyes as an asymptomatic personality type this should cause her to consider Togane to be a failed experiment. On top of that since he was an illegal creation in the first place the Sybil System should have terminated him.

I can only conclude that this was due to Misako’s influence once she became part of the Sybil System. This however also doesn’t make sense because as an asymptomatic personality she should have felt the need to dispose of Togane as a failed experiment the same way Makishima felt about Rikako in season 1.

Not only does the Sybil System allow Togane to live, but after realizing that Togane is purposely trying to cloud people’s psycho passes they set him lose on Akane. Their reasoning is that they’re curious to see how Akane’s psycho pass fairs. This is yet another contradiction to their personality! According to the Sybil System their sole purpose is to maintain order. To make sure everyone’s psycho pass stays clear, so why would they decide to conduct this little experiment on Akane.

Finally, we have Mika Shimotsuki who displays definite criminal actions in season 2. She leaks information to Togane on Akane’s grandmother, causing her brutal murder and considers killing Togane in order to cover it up before he dies on his own. Through it all she is able to keep herself pure by convincing herself that she has done it all for the Sybil System so her actions are not considered criminal. So what, as long as people are convinced that their actions are for the good of the Sybil System they are able to keep their psycho pass pure no matter what crimes they commit?

mika shimotsuki

Season 2 in my eyes is building the framework for the conflict ahead in future seasons. I am convinced Shimotsuki will have some sort of delusional break down and become a criminal with a clear psycho pass because she is convinced she is acting on behalf of the Sybil System and I cannot wait to see how this influences Akane.

Season 2 also shows us a lot of contradictions in the Sybil System so that we are able to see first hand how truly flawed it is. We are able to see that the Sybil System is a lot more human in its’ thinking than it likes to admit. The Sybil System also exhibits behaviors that shouldn’t be possible to asymptomatic personality types.

So I have to wonder if by taking on all these personality types like Kamui has done and becoming an entity is the Sybil System as a whole actually becoming more human? Kamui said he was actually 187 personalities because those were all of the people who created him. So it follows that instead of the Sybil System being just one entity, it is actually a collection of personalities as well and this could be causing it to become more human as these personalities clash. I love that season 2 brought up these ideas and I can’t wait to see how these facts are used in developing the series.


So, you know what I think about season 2. What do you think?


* All images came from the great being known as the internet * I thank the original creators very much for their pictures *

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