All Hail Nobuchika Ginoza

Recently I‘ve been watching Psycho Pass again and it prompted me to do a little blog post on my favorite character… Nobuchika Ginoza.

Seriously, everyone is all Ooooh, Shinya Kogami and Wooow Shogo Makishima, and I’m just here like, Ummm, excuse me, do you not see Ginoza?! Don’t get me wrong I love Kogami and Makishima, but Ginoza is just amazing!

I’ll admit that when Ginozo first showed up I thought, “Jeesh, what a dick.” The more I learned about his story though the more I grew to love his character.


From here on out prepare for SPOILERS

When Nobuchika Ginoza first comes onto the scene he seems like a total hardass. He belittles everyone around him on his team either because they’re Enforcers or in Akane’s case, because he finds her inexperienced and holds her ability to relate to the Enforcers against her.

As the show progresses we get to learn more about Ginoza’s past and upbringing and slowly are able to understand his reasoning. We learn that Kogami and Ginoza used to be partners before Kogami’s Psycho Pass clouded. At first I found myself thinking how can he be so tough on Kogami having worked with him in the past. How little I understood our conflicted and angsty Ginoza. Hanging head in shame.

Later, we learn that his Father also used to be an inspector, but later became a latent criminal. This incident destroyed Ginozo’s family and he becomes obsessed with keeping his own psycho pass clear so as not to repeat his Father’s mistakes.

So when Kogomi’s psycho pass becomes cloudy he considers this his second greatest betrayal. In his mind his best friend has just left him like his Father. He understands the hurt and refuses to be the cause of that pain to others. He holds it against both of them, yet secretly seeks their approval.

Sigh and then when we find out that Tomomi Masaoka (aka a current Enforcer under Ginoza’s command) is his Father! I mean are you serious? All kinds of feels right there! We get to see Ginoza in a whole new light.

Slowly the pressures of the case and the conflict he feels towards his Father and Kogami start eating away at him and his psycho pass begins to cloud. Still we are able to watch him grow as a person as his worst fear is slowly realized. We see as he begins to realize that his Father has always loved and respected him. He just wanted to protect him from becoming a latent criminal as well.

Ginoza is constantly trying to adjust his thinking to the laws he’s meant to uphold, while having to deal with an obviously flawed system. By the time his Father dies (Yeah I cried! Only heartless Nazis didn’t cry during that scene!) at the hands of Makishima you can see the transformation in him. The moment in his eyes as he looks at Kogami and doesn’t even attempt to stop him. His character development is insane.

Finally, when he’s driving off with Akane at the end of season 1 and mentions that he used to hate his face, especially his eyes, but now appreciates them. I mean come on! I cried again.

His worst fear has just come to life and he has been classified a latent criminal, but look at how he is handling it. After all this time he has finally come to terms with his Father, Kogami, and himself. The trifecta.

This is just Ginoza’s character development in the first season! Let me assure you, he’s basically the Johnny Depp of the series. He only gets better with time.



Don’t forget to comment below! Who’s your favorite Psycho Pass character?



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