The Seven Deadly Sins… I hate it.

Seven Deadly Sins is a new Netflix original anime, based on a manga by the same name. Netflix obtained license rights to the series and released episodes 1-24 on November 1, 2015 and being an anime fan I had to give it a shot.

Now, I have never read the manga, so maybe I would like that better, but I found the show to be unbearable. If a show hasn’t made me at least like ONE thing about it in five episodes than I just have to throw my hands up and admit that the show isn’t for me.

Let’s be clear. When I say this show, “isn’t for me” that’s my polite way of saying, “I fucking hate this show and I can’t believe I sat through five whole episodes without setting my TV on fire.” I think all we need to do is take a look at the three main characters to understand why I couldn’t suffer through a single minute more.


What can I say about the characters except by and large I kind of… sort of…really… hate them. It’s true.

Full disclosure here, but I find very few redeeming qualities in any of them.

First up, Meliodas.


He is the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins, a band of fighters in hiding after being accused of killing members of the Holy Knights. The Holy Knights protect the kingdom.

Meliodas is a super amazing fighter, runs a pub, can’t cook, looks much younger than he is, and is a total pervert.

Now, there is nothing new about having a pervy character type in an anime and honestly they end up being some of my favorite characters.

Perv type characters are usually good for providing a few laughs and lightening the mood. Perfect examples include (but aren’t limited to):

They both have their pervy moments, but they bring other things to the table.

Meliodas brings nothing to the table. He’s not funny and while I think his perverted moments are meant to be humorous they’re just really scary when you think about it.

For example upon first meeting Elizabeth she passes out and he takes her upstairs to his bed. He then proceeds to squeeze her boob while she’s unconscious. Yes, nothing says super hilarious like sexual assault. If we read that in the news we would be horrified.

Jiraiya and Master Roshi may have had tons of nuddy mags and frequented plenty of ladies of the night but that’s not illegal.

 On the rare occasion they did start to get a little to rowdy, for example peaking into the women’s only baths or making an off hand comment their was always someone to knock them (literally) back into place.


I think what totally pisses me off about Meliodas is that he takes advantage of Elizabeth in a totally rapey way. He is stronger than her and she’s alone and he plays that to his advantage. I suppose we as an audience are suppose to be okay with it because Elizabeth is a naïve dumbass. Sorry, but no thanks.


This brings me to Elizabeth, because she is totally a naïve dumbass. Elizabeth is a princess from the royal family who escapes being falsely arrested when the Holy Knights revolt against her kingdom. After hearing stories from her father as a child about the Seven Deadly Sins she decides to find the Seven Deadly Sins and reunite them in order to defeat the Holy Knights and save the kingdom. You’re probably thinking she sounds like a pretty badass character…


She’s not. Let me give you a few examples of her stellar brainwork as proof.

At one point her, Meliodas, and Hawk (Meliodas’s pet pig) are walking through a destitute forest because they suspect one of the Seven Deadly Sins could be hiding there.

Meliodas takes this opportunity to reach his hand up Elizabeth’s skirt and grabs her ass. Elizabeth, instead of being horrified or scared (which would be a completely normal reaction) is relieved to find out it is him because at first she thought it was a ghost or monster.

I haven’t been in a lot of supposedly hunted forests but apparently ass-grabbing ghosts run rampant. Her sense of relief that it is only Meliodas quickly turns to horror a few steps later when she makes a horrible revelation… Her panties are gone!

“Where could they be?!” she wonders to herself, “I know I was wearing them this morning.”

I’m not fucking joking; this is literally her thought process. She continues walking, silently freaking out, as her brain tries to solve The Great Panty Caper. However, before her mind can work out all the kinks her party is attacked by mimic monsters.

Our mimic monsters impersonate a zillion Elizabeths in an effort to frighten our heroes away.

In order to separate the real Elizabeth from the fakes, Meliodas asks them to perform a series of hard-hitting tasks in hopes of finding the true Elizabeth. He asks them to do three things.

  • First, to raise their right hand while putting their left hand on their cheek and “bashfully” saying his name.
  • Second, to squeeze their boobs.
  • Third, to jump as high as they can.


*Gasp* What’s this?

One Elizabeth refuses to jump?

That’s right our real Elizabeth shouts out in a mixer of embarrassment and shame that she just can’t jump up because, alas, she has no panties. Meliodas takes this as his cue to quickly knock out the rest of the Elizabeths in one swift hit.

That’s when Melidoas hands her back her panties causing her to exclaim, “So you stole them?!” Thank heavens The Great Panty Caper was solved.

I was this close to hoping for a Sherlock crossover.

Sadly, this isn’t the last of Elizabeth’s amazing insights to the power of deduction. Later she almost bursts her one brain cell trying to figure out if Melidoas sticking his head up her skirt and rubbing his face on her vagina will in fact heal his very serious sword wound.

SPOILER ALERT it doesn’t.

After getting his fill Melidoas comes clean and tells her that it won’t actually heal him. He instead he just needs sleep. Mystery solved.

On top of Elizabeth being an idiot she’s also a total crybaby. Everything, no matter what, is always her fault. Those types of characters will forever get on my nerves. If I’m not mistaken she cries at least once in every episode I watched. It is super annoying and repetitive.


Now that we’ve taken care of Meliodas and Elizabeth let’s talk about Hawk.


Hawk is Meliodas’s pig companion who eats up scraps. I imagine he was written in the same vein as Happy from FairyTale, except instead of being hilarious and totally awesome when he needs to be, Hawk is just really annoying.

Every once in awhile Hawk calls out Meliodas for his sexually assaulting ways, reminding him that, “Now’s not the time for that” or scolding Elizabeth for not recognizing that Meliodas’s actions are in fact not ways in which to advance their search for The Seven Deadly Sins or heal wounds magically, but are forms of sexual harassment.

Otherwise he’s just there.

He doesn’t bring any fighting ability that I know of, nor does he in some way aid Meliodas in his fights like Kirara did for Songo in Inuyasha. I don’t know if later in the series he gets some magic power/item that makes him more useful, but in the beginning he’s just a talking pig. A super annoying, talking, pig.


 To sum it up my biggest turn off from the show was shitty characters and their need to constantly try to make sexual assault funny. I recognize it is just a show and not real life, but even still it made me incredible uncomfortable and angry.

I am done watching shows where the girl characters are used as nothing more but pawns in some rape fantasy.




135 thoughts on “The Seven Deadly Sins… I hate it.

    1. For real I’m not some huge social justice type cat, and I tried to overlook this weird gropey vibe for a little bit, but every time a female character is onscreen, she’s just screaming about Meliodas the whole time, and he’s SO rapey. I don’t really watch much anime, but I seriously hope more of them aren’t like this, bc this shit was so off-putting. Thanks for writing this

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      1. I feel the same. It was just so cringey and I don’t know… Uncomfortable that I couldn’t even focus on the other aspects of the show! It just really ruined it for me 😦


    2. Hawk is super fucking annoying. So is meliodas. The absolute fucking worst is the complete lack of anything being on the line. Nobody ever dies, nobodys ever stays dead. Ive watched a bunch of episodes because some of the characters are cool. Its a 4 out of 10 at best


      1. Oh have you heard of Veronica she saved Elizabeth from her own foolish actions in doing so mortality wounding her she said to her body guard to protect her with his life and telling Elizabeth to be strong but then Elizabeth heals her. That one scene stopped me from investing time on the story. And the holy knights who attempted to murder the two princess were pardoned. This is honestly stupid I wish there was some scene that shows that their actions have concequences ah man I’m just gonna watch some other anime screw this crap.


    3. Oh and don’t get me started oh how Elaine a little fairy girl who looks 12 is shipped with a grown ass man like Ban, for me I see more chemistry with him and Jericho in my opinion but apparently the writers see deem them together (ban and Elaine) their relationship is bland and dry as I don’t know what. Honestly it’s like the writer and creators don’t see chemistry and totally ignore the damn thing, this whole show is gross and not worth anything in my opinion including what this person said exactly what I think everyday, such as “ This female protagonist better not be annoying and boring like Elizabeth.”


    4. I can understand people have different opinions of an anime but just like a book, after a few episodes people get super engaged in the anime and others don’t, the ones that don’t won’t ever enjoy the future plot if that always gets more interesting the starting episodes.
      There will be disliked aspects for all entertainment.
      I agree (for someone who has watch and read the whole anime and manga)
      Hawk is annoying as.
      With the Meliodas perv scenes, I think the creator slightly over did it which drove people like you off, I found it off as well but watched through and all I can say is. CONTEXT IS KEY.
      I can’t stress that enough, if you knew the reason why Meliodas does those stuff to Elizabeth you would accept it, that’s why the creator over did it, you didn’t get the chance to understand the characters and their backstory which is why you can say all of this. This is the end of my comment, I never judged an anime by the first few episodes, I always make my way to the seasons plot point and if I didn’t enjoy it then I’ll leave. The end.

      The reason why Meliodas gropes Elizabeth,

      There are different clans in 7ds. Meliodas was a demon and Elizabeth was a Goddess. Meliodas is the son of the demon king and he’s the successor of the demon clan, 3,000 years ago
      Meliodas left the Demons because of his love for Elizabeth and her love for him, just like Romeo and Juliet. This was seen as a betrayal from Meliodas and Elizabeth, because of Meliodas (being the first son of the demon king and a strong demon) leaving, the Goddesses seized the loss of the warrior to wage a war against the Demons, they recruited the other clans and pushed the Demons to a corner, eventually the Demons were sealed and the Goddesses lost their Physical bodies and now required a vessel.
      The demon king and Supreme Deity were enraged at Mel and Elizabeth and killed them then cursed then, they then revived Meliodas and gave him eternal life and made Elizabeth reincarnate, Elizabeth would then meet Meliodas and they’d fall in love again and again for ever, but the catch is every time Elizabeth remembers what happened in their past, she would die in front of him in 3 days.
      When Meliodas met Elizabeth he knew she was the reincarnation and that they were lovers, part of the curse was that all the Elizabeth’s would fall in love with him. He had already seen 106 Elizabeth’s die. Later on in the show, other women liked Mel and wanted him to do the same thing to them as he did to Elizabeth but he declined, he only does it to her because she is her lover who infinitely loses her memories and dies in front of him. She even said she liked it later in the anime.


    5. I totally agree. I noticed every little creepy thing, and when I first started watching the show I looked up how old Elizabeth was. She’s like 16 and Meliodes is like thousands of years old lmao. In season three it’s revealed that he has known her since she was a CHILD. Every time I’d see a female character I realized how extremely sexualized they were, and the only female character I actually like is Jerico and Merlin, because at least Merlin has some sort of empowerment to her sexualization. It’s a shame, I actually like this show for the storyline and I like Hawk too lol. It would be a better show if they excluded the rapey, pervy, sexual assault-y scenes. I wish they did.


  1. I just started watching kill la kill. have you seen it? I think it would be interesting to hear your point of view. It’s fanservice mixed with empowerment. I love it, you should check it out and see what you think :b


    1. Ummm…. I’M the one who told YOU to watch Kill la Kill!!! I totally agree with you though, I LOVE IT! You should let me know when you finish it, we will have so much to discuss ^.^


      1. i finished it ages ago :b i don’t remember you telling me, but it probably just got buried a bit under your 370 other recommendations. XD


      2. Lol it was when we were having that discussion on Sword Art Online. To be fair I do recommend a lot of anime to you… So I’ll let this slide. I am going to do a review of it though. That was a swell suggestion.


    1. You must not have read all the way through bc if you did you’d know I did stop watching it after the 3rd episode bc I didn’t like it. I then wrote this article explaining why I didn’t like bc review posts are a big part of what I do on GrimmGirl. I don’t just review shows I like. It’s actually pretty similar to how you disagreed with this post but still wanted to comment. You wanted your opinion to be heard. For the record though if you want your comments to be heard than you need to present them in a respectful way. If you disagree with my opinion and like the show than just say why you like it so that other people know. There’s absolutely no reason to insult me in the process. Open discussion is encouraged here on this site but insulting other people isn’t tolerated. Please respect that if you decide to comment further.

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      1. I personally liked the show. i read some of the manga just to see what happens at the end of the story.i didnt get super worked up about the pervy bits, but honestly, i just enjoyed it.

        Elizabeth was portrayed as shy and introverted to try to show she was innocent, not just for the purpose of her just getting groped all the time. there was a fight between Meliodas and Diane after diane got pissed and beat the shit out of him because she said he was a womanizer. and, meliodas didnt hurt diane. he kinda just let himself get fucking beat to a pulp, because he knew she was right.

        multiple times during the story, meliodas told elizabeth that he would protect her with his life, that she was his one purpose in life, and that he would have no reason to live if she were to die. so, their relationship isnt all creepy. also, there is an episode where meliodas almost dies, but he woke up after a while, and she actually consented, so like that happened.

        also, im a girl, and im feminist, and im not ok with rape, but its just that its a fucking anime, there are even memes talking about ‘anime rape faces’ whatever that means, so its really not that bad. also, perverted means that they are into people that havent gone through puberty. Elizabeth is 16. also, her spirit is as old as Meliodas. soooooo, not technically pervy, and in there, there was expressed consent.

        And personally, the story line is interesting to me. also, from a writers perspective, you write in a good format and good grammar, though i dont agree with what is in the text, i can appreciate that.
        and, finally, i like Hawk, He is cute.


      2. Lol this post is four years old and to this day I have never hated a show as much as I hated this one XD

        I totally get that it’s a really mainstream show and lots of people like it but I still get so emotionally and physically uncomfortable when I think about this show. I understand that this show is media and clearly not based on actually events but unfortunately society as a whole has a huge problem not taking what the see on media and letting it infect their everyday life.

        So whenever I watch a show I try to be an active consumer and do my best to point out the moments that do contribute to rape culture so that as a whole we can all appreciate that while this is going on in a fictional world it’s not okay to let it come into our real life interactions.

        If you poke around GrimmGirl enough you’ll see that no show is a immune to this prodding. Love Stage is a good example of this. I adore that show BUT there are some serious instances of rape culture that I think need to be pointed out and discussed.

        Along with the social impact of discussing these moments in my posts I also do it as a trigger warnings to others. That phrase gets tossed around a lot and I think people forget that there are people who truly get affected by content like this because of horrific experiences they have had in real life. So I like to give my readers a heads up when moments like the ones I witnessed in this show pop up so they can decided for themselves if they will be able to ignore them and still enjoy the rest of the show or if it will be too much for them.

        I honestly have no idea what the anime rape face meme thing is lol so I can’t really comment on that but I will say that as far as consent in the show goes I can’t speak up on anything except what I witnessed in the episodes I watched. If I recall correctly I say in my post that I was only able to get episode three (I think? I’d have to reread to see exactly what I said as it has been four years) but in those three episode Elizabeth didn’t give a verbal consent. She just froze up and let things happen.

        That’s honestly really scary for me to see in anime or any visual media because it’s a really realistic reaction. Most people who encounter sexually interaction that they’re not 100% onboard with do just freeze up. Psychologically it’s a survival tactic but it then gets used against them later if they try to report it. People say, “You must of wanted that because you didn’t say no.” And victim blame much like Hawk does to Elizabeth. While it is an anime the interactions are true to life and that’s what I have a hard time dealing with.

        In actuality we should be teaching everyone that consent is about getting a resounding YES. That physical cues a person is giving off like freezing up should be signs for us to stop what we are doing and check in with out partner. I think that it is important for all media not just anime to start showing positive sexual encounters.

        At the very least we need to be aware of the negative sexual encounters we witness in our media in order to not let it influence how we see real life events. As long as people are able to actively separate the two worlds things are good on my end.

        I never go into an anime thinking I’m going to dislike it so when I read the storyline for this show I was really pumped. I thought I was going to LOVE it. I also have a lot of friends who recommend it to me so I honestly thought this was going to be my new favorite anime at the time. But the moments in the beginning were just to much for me so I couldn’t fully get into it. I was to turned off by everything to enjoy anything else.

        I still hear things about this show that make me think, “Ohhhh maybe I should give it another try because that seems really cool. Or that seems like a character I would like.” But I know that I just can’t get past the rest of it so I would just find more things about it I dislike and I don’t like to watch shows just to bash them you know what I mean?

        If I recall correctly this post has a pretty heated tone to it XD but I think it really was because I have never been set off by an anime like I was by this one! So the emotion there is truly how I felt in the moment lol. It still surprises me how just ANGRY this anime made me. That has never happened to me before or since but even though it was a long time ago I keep it up as is because the reaction I had to it was authentic you know what I mean. It was how it truly made me feel in the moment and I like to keep my reactions to things on GrimmGirl as authentic as possible.

        I do enjoy when people comment about the things they like about this anime or any anime I talk about because just because I hated it doesn’t mean everyone does! Clearly because it has a very strong following. So I think it’s good for readers to see it’s good points too. I’m to blinded by my views on it to be able to accurately comment on those.

        So thank you for your comment ❤ I hope you are able to share more of your viewpoints in the future!!!


        I still hate Hawk but one of my good friends ABSOLUTELY adores him! Hahaha we're constantly duking it out on who is better, Happy or Hawk XD



      3. Then why wasn’t your opinion presented in a respectful way? From your reply’s that I have been reading you can (and mostly are) just as bad, if not worse. You may not like the show and voice your opinion, but you better get off your high horse because then you are no better.


      4. One: he basically did what you did with the show, so you can’t really say much, and two: I agree and disagree with this article, I found that I enjoy the show for what it is and how it was made, but they should have kept some boundaries in mind. Now the reason in the show for this (SPOILER) is that Elizabeth is the reincarnation of Meliodas’s old gf (because over 10 years from when the story takes place, he was defending a different city that he destroyed after the foe he was fighting killed the love of his life (Liz (aka Elizabeth (ik, another one))) and destroyed the entire city out of rage/wrath) therefore when they met he either knew, or had a feeling. There is no real excuse for what he does, but still, reasons exist, and side note: Liz is WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY more badass than the current Elizabeth that turns out to actually have a use (kinda same with hawk) and I overuse things like commas or brackets an unhealthy amount xD.


  2. I’m a huge pervert but even I was offended by this show. I can’t recall an anime in which sexual assault was played down so much to draw in the teen boy crowd. I get that pervy characters are common in anime and are meant to bring comic relief to some situations, but every time Melodious did something, the mood of the show came screeching to a halt and I found myself irritated and baffled–I can’t imagine people genuinely laughing at most of it. It gets a lot worse later, too–at one point a girl verbally invites Melodious to grope her, and he says “Nah, it’s not fun when you’re asked to do it.” That’s where I bailed.

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    1. I’m hundred precent with you! I’m actually a pervert myself lol I usually find it really funny most of the time! But this show REALLY crossed over my boundary lines… Well more like leaped and ran over my boundary lines. I couldn’t believe it. I’m really glade I missed the girl inviting sexual assault. I think I would have both vomited and cried myself to sleep. Gahhhhh so creepy!


      1. “I’m really glade I missed the girl inviting sexual assault.”
        This is not how it played out (I am not quite sure how exactly you can “invite” sexual assault anyway). Diane has been hopelessly in love with Meliodas so, being jealous of him, er, sexually assaulting Elizabeth (aka the complete idiot whose sole, freaking *singular* reaction to Meliodas’ sexual assault, from the first episode of the show to the start of the Ten Commandments season, has been to blush, freeze, hold her hands in the air and scream, never saying “No” or “Stop!”, not even freaking once), asked Meliodas to grope her as well.

        In other words, no matter how intolerably and adorably innocent Diane is (my favourite character of the show, by far) she still *consented* to being groped, which is something Elizabeth never did. Meliodas’ reply was unclear though : In the English dub he said (as I recall) “It’s not the same when you are asked to do it”, but the subs in the Japanese version were something like : “Even if you tell me to do it… (implied “…I won’t do it”)”. My Japanese is piss poor to know which was what though.

        Now, that scene has an additional importance : Eventually Meliodas said to the sad Diane “I could never do something like that to someone who is so important to me”. Elizabeth became very sad after hearing that (since it was clearly suggested that she was basically a piece of trash), so obviously I thought : “Well, that was it! The next time Meliodas makes a move on Elizabeth she will slap the little shit hard enough to make up for all the times he groped her, sniffed her vagina etc”
        Eeeer, nope! You wish!
        The next time was business as usual for both Elizabeth and Meliodas, as if the former has goldfish memory, IQ and emotions.

        I was so angry at that that I almost ditched the show, but somehow I did not, and just started the Ten Commandments arc (released Jan to June 2018). And what do you know, in the mid of episode 2 Meliodas made his move again… Apparently the writers and creators of the show do not give a rat’s ass about the post-Weinstein area and the “Me Too” movement… Why ruin such an otherwise great show with this constant BS?

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      2. I admit I only watched the English version so I can’t compare the two. This is the first post I ever wrote for GrimmGirl and to this day I am still so surprised at how much I disliked this show lol! I think this blog post is like… two or three years old and every once in a while someone will stumble across it and comment on it and I reread the post to remember what I said and I’m always like, “Daaaaammmmnnnn I really did not enjoy this!”

        There were a lot of things that made me made about this but I distinctly remember how I just really expected that Elizabeth was going to be this really cool chick out there to unite all these other badasses and it just wasn’t that. I think I could’ve moved passed that but all of the other things with the characters personalities just drove me away.

        There are times when I consider trying it again but then I reread this post and it all comes flooding back to me lol I just can’t do it!


      3. If you kept watching you would learn the reason Meliodas gropes her constantly and why she doesn’t really seem to mind. Meliodas never shows even the slightest interest in any other women, he only shows interest in Elizabeth because she is the reincarnated version of his love that he has been cursed to find and watch die over and over again forever. Basically this is the 100th version of Elizabeth and because the are star crossed lovers she instinctively is ok with him groping her because she can sense the connection between them

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      4. Later I was told this but I still can’t get through it. I think it would be easier if her facial expressions looked consenting but she always looks pained like she wants it to stop. eep not thank you! And that probably gets better as the show goes on I just can’t get through anymore lol.


    2. Thank you so much for spelling it out perfectly. There’s so much perv-boy fan fare that just creeps me out. From Merlin’s constant ass crack, to the upskirt shots every time Diane falls down, its just too much I think for anyone that isn’t a chronic masturbater. There could be so much promise with this show without it that it baffles me why it was included at all. Don’t misunderstand, I don’t mind a little pervyness, but for it to be this abundant, it takes away from the show rather than adds anything meaningful to it. And I hate that fucking pig. Pretty sure the voice actor is whoever does Huey, Duey, and Louie. Not 100% on that but I don’t care enough to do any sort of research.

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      1. Right! There is actually some pervyness that I find pretty funny but this totally wasn’t it. I was so turned off by it I couldn’t even focus on any other aspect of the show… except for how much I hated Hawk… Which I seriously SERIOUSLY do.


  3. Okay totally agree. My bf and I decided to start another series together and I can’t watch this. I was so uncomfortable. Although he likes it of course.

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    1. Gaaaahhh! I couldn’t do it. I was out after three episodes, it was just to CREEPY. I was just talking to someone else and they said that everything gets even worse. I have honestly never been this turned off and uncomfortable watching an anime before… and I’ve seem some things lol. I hope you two can find something you both enjoy! Have you ever seen Fairy Tail or Hunter X Hunter? Off the top of my head those are two anime shows that fall into the fantasy genre if you guys dig that.


  4. I recently watched the show and couldn’t handle it either.
    I used to enjoy a few shounens and assumed I grew out of when I tried this one, but I watched Food Wars soon after and enjoyed myself immensely. I guess 7 Deadly Sins is just irredeemable to me.

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      1. Food Wars is pervy, but it’s not in the same way as Deadly Sins. Its perverseness comes from people having “food”-gasms. The show is good overall. As a fair bit of warning though, the main character isn’t as interesting as some of the supporting cast.

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      2. Bahaha food-gasms? Lol that reminds me of Chris from YOI only his were Ice-gasms 😂It’s a bummer about the main not being as interesting but if the side characters a strong they could make up for it.

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      3. Hey, I’m following the comments on this blog, so I got dragged back here. Just wanted to say that guy below is… something. And that I actually finally watched YOI and I now get what you mean by Chris and his passions. lol

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      4. Yeah unfortunately you get people like that every once in awhile. In the positive side I’m so glad you watched YOI! What did you think of it? 😂 Haha I wasn’t kidding about Chris his passions are strong!

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      5. I really enjoyed it! Yuuri (Katsuki) and Victor are cute together. Don’t remember which episode number, but the one where they go out and kind of get engaged is my favorite. And drunk Yuuri is hilariously outgoing.

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      6. Omg I loved that too! I love how it also explains why Viktor decided to coach him and I of course love everyone’s reactions to the news. I have to say that’s probably my favorite episode too!

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  5. I really enjoy this show, personalty. I understand why you don’t like it and Meliodies’s? (RIP my spelling) pervyness is a bit over the top but the fight scenes ooooooh the fight scenes, that’s what keeps me watching.

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    1. Lol I always refer to this post as my angriest. It’s the first post I ever wrote and it’s the first time I’ve ever had this strong of a reaction against a show. I don’t think I can really speak on the fight scenes though bc I only got three episodes in if I recall… but I love fighting anime which is why I watched it in the beginning. Because I thought I’d like the fight scenes. I usually find a bit of pervyness to be really fun but his was just creepy 😂 I couldn’t go on lol


  6. If you didn’t like it in the first 3 episodes, then I doubt you would have liked it much later on. I’m on episode 13 or so now, and I really cannot deal with Elizabeth. I think she is an annoying worthless bitch, by far the worst female heroine I have ever seen. Won’t stop crying and keeps yelling out to the MC, and constantly says how she does nothing. Needs to kill herself, and put my life at ease.

    The anime itself though is pretty good, I like Ban and King. I also like how they implemented the sins, along with the story. But man, I really hate Elizabeth. Luckily I’m already half way done though.

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    1. I think I could have really gotten onboard with some of the other characters. From what I’ve seen online the side characters look pretty cool… but I can’t stomach her for another second lol maybe if I just mute it until other characters talk.

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      1. Haha.. Yeah, I had my best friend over as I was watching the show, and he reads the manga actually. And he actually was about to drop the manga, because he found it so stupid. Nice blog though, definitely will be keeping my eye out.

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  7. Finally someone sees *that*. My younger sister likes it, and she invited our older sister to watch it on tv (by plugging the USB device on the television). I’ve got to tell you that it was embarrassing and awkward. Whenever Meliodas has *that* kind of scene coming up I just wanted to grab the remote and fast-forward bc it’s just too much. I don’t think no one besides you agrees that I don’t like the characters that you mentioned and the anime.

    Also, one thing to point out is Elizabeth’s waitress costume that she wore throughout the series. It’s waaaaay too revealing and anyone on their right mind would beg to have clothes better than *that*.

    (Sorry that I have grammatrical errors, I’m not a native speaker)

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    1. First off you write better than me lol! I to this day cannot watch anymore of this show. I have seriously never had such a strong reaction to any anime before but I found all of the scenarios to be so creepy and scary. I have friends who enjoy this show and I can’t help but cringe when they talk about how funny it is. I mean you each their own but I couldn’t watch another minute so I’m with you!


  8. If you think Meliodas is a fucking awful pervert character… boy oh boy you’re gonna hate the siblings in No Game No Life and what they do to Stephanie (who’s also a princess – coincidence?) at least once per episode. What do they do? Whenever she loses a game against them, they force her to do things like strip to her undies and stuff like that, despite the fact that she, unlike Elizabeth, actually has the brains and balls to express her discomfort with it. And does it ever stop or slow down? Nope. They just keep doing it, and I swear Stephanie is losing her mind over the course of the series.

    Seriously. I love perverted characters, but they should seriously keep their hands to themselves UNLESS the other character has explicitly granted them consent. And even if they do turn out to be a rapey fucktwat like Meliodas, they need to be properly called out on their shit and actually gain some character development, which would mean that they gradually stop being a rapey fucktwat. I’m not even saying this from a social justice perspective (well okay maybe I am), but more from the perspective of storytelling and developing characters. If a character has major flaws at the beginning of the series, and the series ends with those flaws still there, more obvious than ever, well, there’s a huge problem with the writer’s ability (or lack thereof) to implement character development.

    Anyway, on the whole, I so agree with you, though I personally think Hawk is pretty funny XD


    1. Wahhhh! You’re right that def doesn’t sound like my thing. I’m like you. I usually find the perverted characters to be pretty hilarious but this was just creepy! Lol I couldn’t do it. 😂 All I could think of was a knock off Happy with Hawk. Maybe if I’d seen Hawk first?


      1. Yeah, NGNL was shit for other reasons as well, but the sexual harassment towards Stephanie that happens EVERY SINGLE BLOODY EPISODE was really bad – like, probably worse than what Meliodas does to Elizabeth.

        I haven’t actually seen Fairy Tail so I guess that’s why 😛

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  9. I randomly came across this page and I am happy to find someone who finally sees this anime to be the horrible piece of shit that it is. Btw, you don’t have to worry about the manga being any different because all the terrible things you mention are there even in the manga. I read the manga even before the anime series began and I dropped it because I was annoyed by how terrible the lead characters are. Surprisingly, I have gotten into lot of internet fights over this, so it felt real good to read your blog post 🙂

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    1. I know so many people who absolutely adore this show and are so surprised that I loath it! Lol I def feel like I’m in the minority on my feelings with this show but I can’t help it. It totally CREEPS ME OUT!

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  10. In all serious, the series gets MUCH better in the TC Saga. Too bad the anime only covers all the Sagas before it. Well Meliodas and Elizabeth personalities don’t get much more bearable in the manga, but Meliodas eventually stops his sexual assault gimmick while Elizabeth becomes more useful. People mainly read it for the other characters(King, Diane, Ban, etc.) anyways because they actually get some unique development.

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    1. Honesty Ban was just coming into the show when I stopped watching and I was actually really interested in his character! I just couldn’t get past the other two 😑 That’s actually good to know about the manga. I wonder if it’s possible just to start from there or if you miss out on the other characters back stories to much? Do you know if they’re planning on doing more of the anime?


  11. Thank you for this article! I’m glad we share the same feelings on it, this sho has SO MANY problems!

    I watched episode 1 this summer on Netflix and stopped immediately; last week I resumed it ut of boredom and endured all available episodes, just to see where it would go.

    The setting is actually quite interesting, and several supporting characters have potential… which is almost completely wasted.

    1) MELIODAS’ PERVINESS: I grew up with Dragon Ball and Ranma 1/2, so I’m not easily outraged by characters like Roshi or Happosai. However, Meliodas’ perviness is played out in a completely different way, in that he’s NEVER “punished” for his behaviour. This genre of character gets routinely hit on the head or kicked into the sky whenever they give in to their “urges”, even if they’re powerful warriors who’d be normally very, VERY hard to hit. Meliodas, on the other hand, gets MIDLY SCOLDED at best, and most of the characters (including his “victim”) don’t seem to really bother.

    2) ELIZABETH: she’s the quintessential Faux Action Girl. Stupidely naive and naively stupid: early in the series, she doesn’t even seem to NOTICE Meliodas’ constant groping and invasion of her personal space or intimacy (he keeps fondling her breasts in episode 1 after she wakes up and she’s totally clueless), whereas near the end her reaction is limited to softly whine, no moving, no attempt at running away or wrestle the diminutive blond idiot off of her.
    And she keeps blaming herself for ANY THING that happens in the kingdom, as you pointed out.

    3) HAWK: useless and annoying, I totally agree. He’s the only one reacting at Meliodas’ aforementioned shenanigans, and even then he mildly scolds him but otherwise does nothing.
    He turns out to be important in a couple of scenes and in season 1 finale mainly due to zoggin’ PLOT ARMOR, and it’s never explained why. This is particularly annoying in the finale, where he survives an otherwise fatal blow which had just been stated to be very, VERY MUCH fatal to the point that thos killed by it couldn’t explicitly be revived by any power. He just survives AND PROCEEDS BRAGGING about it and how he’s been essential to the Big Bad’s defeat.

    4) THE SIN DISTRIBUTION: ok, I get it, Ban used to be a greedy thief and has a (vaguely) greed-related power, so he’s GREED; and King moves around by floating, he’s always hugging that big pillow, so he’s SLOTH. But why on Bretonnia is Meliodas WRATH!? He’s always calm, playful, rarely gets angry (even in fights)… if anything he should be LUST, given his inclination to direct his hands and face towards Elizabeth’s intimate parts. Or Ban, since he dresses like a BDSM enthusiast and keeps sticking out his tongue and licking his lips as if he were perpetually sexually aroused.
    Instead, zoggin’ Gowther’s LUST… Gowther, the androginous genius boy who’s clearly unable to feel ANY human emotion (or understand social conventions), let alone experience sexual desires. I this were sci-fi, he’d be the resident android struggling to understand human emotions and customs.
    Is he LUST because he’s ostensibly a transgender? Is it!? =___=

    Diane’s ENVY… I suppose because she’s a giantess who’s disgruntled with being a giantess and would like to be a tiny human? Seriously, what other signs of “envy” does she show?
    And would it hurt to have her learn to accept herself, instead of wanting to be something she isn’t?

    Merlin’s GLUTTONY….why? She’s super slim and I honesly don’t recall seeing her swallowing ANY food whatsoever…

    5) BAN & JERICHO: when they first meet during his evasion, he humiliates her… because she’s a woman, who fights. Yeah. Instead of giving her an honourable defeat, he humiliates her by stripping her of her armor and leaving her in his cell with only her underwear on, for all the soldiers (supposedly her underlings) to see. This leads to her accepting to drink a red demon’s blood in order to “get stronger” and show him she can be strong too. because of this, she’ll eventually turn into a demonic monstruosity, risking her life. On top of that, everytime he sees her he HAS TO scold her for not looking, dressing or behaving FEMININE ENOUGH. For… reasons. he never tells that to Diane or other female warriors.
    The result of all this abuse is that…. SHE EVENTUALLY FALLS IN LOVE FOR HIM, tsundere style of course. *facepalm*

    6) BAN & THAT FAIRY GIRL: ok, fairies live much, much longer than humans, so she was probably CENTURIES old by the time he met her… nevertheless, she looked like a pre-teen girl. Yet it is hinted he’s DEEPLY in love with her. Zoggin’ loli fetish…. 😀 on top of that, he seems to have known her for VERY LITTLE TIME, as far as the anime shows us. WTF!?

    7) Diane’s a special example of wasted potential. She could make a very interesting character: she’s a powerful and experienced warrior, and it shows… she doesn’t fall victim to the Worf Effect that much, I was honestly worried she had to be bailed out of trouble by Meliodas every now and then but she can hold her own… unfortunately, outside of fights she’s just a jealous girl who’s unexplicably in “love” with her senpai… ahem I mean, captain, despite him having a shitty personality, and she’s not very fond of being a giantess because she can’t enter building with her friends and especially because she thinks that THIS is preventing her from getting the “man” she loves.

    She’s clearly shipped with King by the plot, who’s centuries older than her and has known her since she was a little kid. Ew.


    1. First off bless your soul for getting through all the episodes. I don’t know how you managed! I know a lot of people like this show but… I can’t stand it 😂 Every once in awhile I consider trying to pick it up again to see if it gets better but I swear when I think this I read something like your comment and I’m like NOOOOPE I dodged a bullet lol. I just need to accept the fact that this show will never be for me. All the things you mentioned seriously fill me with rage lol. If I tried to watch it all the way through I think I’d break my tv!


  12. I’m late to the party, but I tried reading the manga recently and had to quit after the first issue. (I haven’t seen the anime and don’t have any plans to do so.) Personally, I couldn’t stand the campiness of it all (I hate campiness in general), and I also cannot stand bimbos like Elizabeth: I prefer for women to be individuals with thoughts and personality (and I’m a man — shock of shocks!).

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    1. As someone who likes campy shows and movies (see Wet Hot American Summer and Rocky Horror Picture Show) I still couldn’t stand this show. I don’t you can make a show this dense and unintrospective campy without it becoming frustrating to anyone who gives the show any thought.

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      1. I don’t dislike campy shows (to good examples) but I was not expecting this show to fall into that. On top of that it executed it so horribly in my opinion! I have seen campy shows I enjoy but this was just… Not my thing in the least!


    2. Yeah I heard that the anime actually follows really closely to the manga so if you didn’t like one you probably wouldn’t like the other. I agree I wasn’t expecting the level of campiness either! From the description of the show I was honestly expecting things to be a bit more badass.


  13. I am a huge ecchi fan, but when it comes to Seven Deadly Sins’ fan service, it really turns me off. It is unnecessary, and makes me uncomfortable. I hope Elizabeth gets a different outfit for S2, I cannot see her as nothing more than just a fan service crybaby. Her character seriously turns me off, My favorite Sin so far is Harlequin. As for Hawk, I don’t really find him annoying, he is 10x more useful than Elizabeth.

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    1. I think I’d have to watch the entire season to find the full value of Hawk but I just can’t bring myself to do it! Usually I find ecchi to be pretty but this was just terrible. It’s like they say siren and were like, “How can we make this scene as uncomfortable as possible.” Which they totally succeeded at multiple times. I haven’t looked into it alot but I think that’s the outfit Elizabeth basically rocks throughout the entire manga so I’m pretty sure they will use it for the anime as well.


  14. HAHAHA you clearly don’t watch anime much, considering the two example perv characters you gave were from the two most MAINSTREAM ANIMES IN EXISTENCE.. smh


    1. who the fuck has such a weak mental state that reading about sexual assault ‘horrifies’ them? Someone like you, with a flagrant lack of characteristics, is probably an absolute BLAST at parties /s


      1. LETS NOT FORGET that if you knew anythign about the plot, you’d realize Elizabeth is significantly stronger than all of the sins combined.

        Oh but wait that’s right, your cancerous PC mindset couldn’t get past stupid jokes in a FUCKING CARTOON, so obviously you wouldn’t know shes a literal apostle to the gods


      2. god DAMN, the more I read your articles, the more I realize what an absolute waste of space you are.. stay off the internet, snowflake ❄️ go watch Bill Nye Saves The World, or whatever mind numbing bullshit keeps introverts like you indoors and away from normal people


      3. First, I will watch Bill Nye because he’s awesome. Second, if you have something positive to say about Seven Deadly Sins then just say it so that other readers have a different opinion then mine to look at. On this site we keep the comment section civil. For example you might say, “I think Elizabeth is a strong female character.” And I would say, “Really I didn’t get that vibe.” As then we’d go on with our day and other people could add their comments and we’d all have a good time. If you don’t want to be apart of the community we’ve built that’s fine. It’s the internet you can go where ever you want. Nobody is forcing you to read the content here. If it upsets you this much than try something else.

        That’s pretty much it.


  15. Hi, I left a comment here but it doesn’t seem to be showing up Hi, I just read your review and I wanted to let you know a few things about this series. I don’t expect it to change your views but maybe having a little more understand will be helpful.

    So basically Elizabeth is actually Meliodas’s recarniated girlfriend from 3 thousand years ago.

    Meliodas is a demon. Elizabeth is actually a Goddess, so she is quite powerful.

    However they were both killed then cursed for falling in love.

    Elizabeth would be forever recarniated as a human who has no memories of her previous lives. (In episode one you saw a previous Elizabeth recarniation dying before Meliodas wearing knight uniform)

    If she regains her memories the curse dictates that she will die in three days. Meliodas curse was immortality, but that isn’t the hardest part. The curse dictates that he will forever meet Elizath and just as inventiably she will die right before his eyes.

    He has met over 100 Elizabeth’s during 3 thousand years and watched them all die.

    But he is still searching for a way to break the curse.

    Elizabeth’s all have different personalities but they all are the same people and all eventually start turning back into a Goddess and get her power back.

    Unfortantly it just so happens this Elizabeth is a much softer, kinder yet a bit of a ditz and far to innocent part of her personality.

    However in the series they do show another recarniation of her (the knight Elizabeth) who is much more outgoing and doesn’t just let Meliodas do whatever he wants, she actaully punches him in an episode where they show flash backs.

    The current Elizabeth does also get more outgoing as the show progressive’s but it is slow going.

    Meliodas at this point I doubt is thinking that they are different people as technically they are not and treating her like she is still his girlfriend despite her not realising this.

    (In the manga she has gone back to being a Goddess as has most of her memories back) Though they are not really together in the manga because Meliodas has gone down a dark path with his demon powers to try and free them from the curse, a path that Elizabeth disagrees with.

    The last scene with them together was Elizabeth shouting at him (so yeah she does get more outgoing lol) and Meliodas being dark and moody.

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    1. You beautiful soul! This actually does make me feel so much better. I have often wondered if reading the manga would make it better. Or does this all happen in the show? Like if I were to power through?

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      1. I am barley manage to finish season one and I totally agree with you there.
        Personally, I find that anime quite strange having 8.29 in MAL as rating with that kind of quality is miracle. That being said there are thing that I quite enjoy in that anime such as
        The aesthetic of that anime similar to Akira Toriyama art,
        Most of the fight scene was well animated,
        In addition, some of the side character is quite enjoyable to watch while still being plague by cliché.
        The thing that annoyed me the most aside from rape joke is probably the main characters specially meliodas and Elizabeth.
        A characteristic bimbo damsel and distress doesn’t make a character automatically annoying and boring, Nami from One Piece was never strong in term of fighting mechanic in that series but she had a role as navigator with strong personality in her belt that make her entertain to watch, the same thing can be said about overpower characters.
        Strong power level or mechanic does not equal strong presence and personality.

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      2. I agree. One of the reasons I originally started to watch it was because I thought it looked beautiful. I wish the characters had lived up to the artwork. Elizabeth’s character was a wreck for me as well. There is definitely a way to the damsel in distress character and for me this show missed the mark. I think her biggest flaw is (at least from what I’ve watched) she doesn’t bring anything else to her personality. It makes watching her incredible boring. Like you said Nami isn’t the strongest member of the group and is getting saved a lot but that isn’t all there is to her character. She’s their navigator, she’s funny, she may not be the strongest but she can still fight when necessary and she’s good at tricking her opponent when she realizes she can’t beat them straight on. She’s a fun character to watch the screen. I didn’t feel like that with Elizabeth and Melodias at all.


      3. I’ve been trying to reply for ages. I hope this gets through. I recommend reading the manga to be honest, reading up to 196 or 232 before making a descision or whether you like the story. 196 as it forshadows what’s to come and Meliodas gets some very good character development and Elizabeth and him share a incredibly sweet scene. 232 as it would have gone past the curse at that point, Elizabeth had much more of a back bone and Meliodas character takes a darker turn x

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      4. It’s good to know this develops more than 🙂 One of these days I will have to attempt reading this although I def find it daunting to have to read that far in though lol so It my take me awhile.

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      5. I don’t think it will. The problems you talked about don’t go away in the manga, and at the very least, are pushed aside because Meliodas becomes this unstable demon persona.


  16. Imo i love the seven deadly sins but only really the second season.

    Hawk get an item called Balor’s Magical Eye wich makes him see ppl stats
    Elizabeth is from the goddes race
    and Meliodas is a demon and has a power level of 142,000 and he isint such a perv

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  17. I’m glad im not the only one, that little midget pervert pisses me off and the princess is so weak. I stopped watching after the panties part in episode 3 and never watching that garbage again, easily netflixes worst original anime series, gonna watch kill la kill instead.

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      1. Neither of them remembers it, though.
        It’s beyond the point, anyway: it’s just the good, ol’ “pervy guy” gimmick, typical of anime… the weird part is HER response. She either stands there, oblivious to what he’s doing, or whines feebly without putting up much resistance (Happosai or Roshi would usually get a kick or a punch at this point).

        In neither case it’s the reaction you’d expect from his woman, let alone someone who doesn’t remember her lover.

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  18. There are plenty of reasons why I dislike the series, but I can see why others wouldn’t. If you are a deep thinker, this show isn’t for you. It’s a simple, dumb and friendly show that entertains with constant action and goofy characters that are generally likable. Analyze it any further, you will start to see its flaws. I’ve watched the anime and finished the manga up to chapter 270. I’ll first comment on your main points.

    Critics hates the sexual harassment, and this is the most blatant fan service I’ve seen. I find it distracting from the scene’s plot and its overall cheap humor to grab the attention of immature teens. I’m aware that some people try to defend this harassment as reciprocated interest from Elizabeth (which is a weak and disturbing argument), but the crux of it is its unnecessary and does not develop the characters in a positive direction. It makes Elizabeth appear naive, submissive, and weak whereas it makes Meliodas appear as a borderline rapist. It doesn’t help that he looks like a child, but that problem exists with Diane w/ King and Ban w/ Elaine. One can argue that any fan service serves no purpose, but when you have something as blatant and forced as this, it ends up making the characters appear much more negatively. “Proper” fan service wouldn’t make me want to hate a character for borderline raping another character.

    Hawk was probably concepted as a merchandise grab. You don’t find out his actual purpose around chapters 250ish and it isn’t until the most recent chapter (270) that starts to hint at his familial origins. If it took that long to develop or start his origins, then the author knew for the long run he probably needed some cute and unimportant character that keeps the comedy gags going until he could figure out what to do with him. Fair enough. A lot of shows do this. Otherwise, he’s an annoying, cocky and cutesy character that “we’re supposed to laugh at him and not take him too seriously.” Fair, I can ignore it as he’s not the main issue with the show.

    Deaths, power levels, tension, power creeps/imbalances, plot inconsistencies/holes (is Merlin still making Gowther’s armor? How did Griarmore become old again?), and overall story. These are all the main issues with the series. I’m going to attempt to integrate my explanations for all of them in several paragraphs rather than explaining each, as I feel like they’re all interconnected.

    SDS is a love story disguised as a war story. If you want an actual war story where everything feels at stake, go to Attack on Titan. Collateral damage is an afterthought in SDS. What happens to the citizens, ordinary soldiers, emotions of the people who lose everything from the destruction is not what you’re going to get, and maybe that’s because Elizabeth conveniently heals and restores everything she touches (which is lazy writing, but I’ll be lenient and say the author wanted Elizabeth to be this healing goddess, so let’s go with that for now). The story is truly about the SDS and their attempts to rekindle their relationship with each other and to fight against the supposed anatgonists, the demon clan. At the same time, the series takes you on a monotonous 270+ chapter journey to understand the struggle between Meliodas-sama (as Elizabeth whines throughout the anime around half a dozen times per episode) and Elizabeth’s 3000 year cursed love where the two can’t die as placed against their parents’ curse for betraying each others’ clan by attempting to cope.

    We see a similar stretched out love plot, if not forced, between the giant Diane and tiny fairy King. Their plot is a constance tease and let down of teenage love of “oh he/she’s finally going to confess!” and “oh I can’t confess…” and this lasts between the two for the entirety of season 2 and even into the manga for a decent amount of chapters. So when the sins should be getting together against the commandments, we get this side adventure of Diane’s memory loss which attempts to shoehorn this unnecessary love plot that seems to be required to be resolved so that King and Diane can do what’s actually important, which is to stop the commandments. Not to mention, we meet a giant who takes on Garland the commandment with temporary ease as compared to when a bunch of other commandments failed to do much about it, so there’s our first power level inconsistency that I’ll get to later on.

    Ban goes off to do a similar thing with Elaine. In season 1, the two have a strong bond after getting to know each other in the forest and after it burns down and kills her, Ban becomes immortal from the fountain of youth and vows to keep her promise. Eventually, she is revived from one of the commandments, but for the rest of the manga, their “love” becomes a one dimensional relationship that is even more uninteresting than the former two pairs. If I had to pretend I was a teenage girl interested in love, there is nothing to root for in these two being together. Even Jericho who started to play the tsundere role had an interesting dynamic with Ban. Jericho strived for his attention and approval after having a change of heart and in my opinion would’ve served a more interesting storyline if Ban started to develop feelings for a new person. It would’ve sold the theme of moving on from your past, especially if your past involved a dead person. But nope, Elaine is revived, Jericho has been sidelined for dozens of chapters, and eventually we are going to see Ban handle Elaine’s temporary restoration. But knowing the direction of this show and its inconsistencies, I wouldn’t be surprised if Elaine is kept alive for the rest of the series.

    One of the first things you’ll notice is that the SDS are introduced as overpowered and unbeatable beings. This is backwards to series similar to this, so that was an interesting concept and I wanted to see how it would handle it. It’s handling of it led to the mass of problems I listed above. Each time they fought a holy knight, such as Guila and Gil for instance, they had difficulties in handling such villains. In fact, the holy knights appeared to be just as capable of causing harm and damage to them. Then, knowing that there were thousands that were similar, it made you wonder who was exactly overpowered in this case. Still, it was clear that the SDS were the superiors. As the series develops, the holy knights like Jericho, Gil, Griarmore and that H named guy became fodder, and even in the manga they’re left to dealt with the fodder demon races that were originally seen as great threats. The SDS get stronger through one day, if not, several hour training sessions (King and Diane being in the commandment’s memories, Meliodas and a bunch of knights visiting the druid palace and closing their eyes in a tunnel, and by the way, that random child like man at the druid palace is never reintroduced, so who knows what they’ll do with them) to the point that the SDSs are now ready to take on the Commandments. This is lazy writing. To defeat the commandment, it only takes these characters less than a day to develop superpowers on top of their superpowers. At least Naruto had a more believable training session with his Rasengan (well, up to the end where he gains god powers with ease).

    If gaining the powers wasn’t enough of an issue, utilizing them is just as bad. Each sin respectively developed powers that were almost always convenient for them in the moment’s use. Some moves that were used earlier but not used later (Ban’s power stealing) should ideally be used all the time, but they’re not. The classic “I’m about to die” but here’s this ultimate power/weapon that saves them last second (Merlin’s soul orb situation vs Garland’s stone powers, Elizabeth’s healing powers in the end of the harmless/cringey no consequence season 1 finale) is frequently used. There is no strategy during the fight, even though the characters constantly say in the manga let’s have a strategy. Instead, it’s “let’s just use whatever power I can think of and it’ll suit me for the moment”. There are videos online that look into this more, but the overall complaint here is ridiculous powers and moves are used freely in fights without an actual strategy. If you can just use moves however you want and whenever you want, you start to lose a sense of tension and direction in fights. You are never really aware of a character’s stamina and health in these fights until after they’re done (Escanor vs Meliodas, and even then we had no prior indication of how long they could fight). How many times have we seen Meliodas get tired/overpowered, but yet in every situation the stipulation/stamina/health varies so widely? What is his baseline strength, stamina, powers? We never know. The only way to resolve that is the author decides to make him and other characters stronger and stronger to the point we lose an idea of how strong or weak such characters are (just like Naruto in the end of his series).

    Which brings me to power levels. As soon as this was introduced, I saw the brightest red flag for me to stop watching/reading, but continued anyways. The author probably realized at this point that his characters were all over the place with their abilities and powers, so the lazy way out was to introduce the ability to read others power levels. We are now restricted to awing and ooing at someone’s numbers as an indicator of their strength (and even that bends the rules, as they are not always fixated numbers), instead of their actual past experiences with antagonists. In other shows that don’t use an obvious power indicator, we know a characters progression with his/her fights lends well to how strong that person is. But when you can’t figure out who’s the strongest or how strong these overpowered characters really are, and how durable they really are, then I guess that’s going to happen when you make every character capable of destroying mountains and such. And then when such characters are losing when they shouldn’t be, then it gets confusing. But now we have these numbers to keep us grounded from this mess, and a pig who can count such data for us.

    Apart from the Demon King of whom we have yet to see much of and one of the goddesses, the villains are underdeveloped. The first two overarching bad guys in season 1 were Hendy and Dreyfus, who both planned to revive the demon race. We don’t even see them in play until the final few episodes. Later on we find out they were both possessed by a commandment who had some depth to him, in that he looked at Griamore as a son, but that has yet to develop any further. Galand lusted for blood and terror, how exciting. We don’t learn much of the purple ghost mask looking thing. Melascula is a whiny and unstable commandment, especially when she turns into that unintimidating snake, and she’s not much different from Galand. The giant and fairy reveal their true intentions, which was alright. Estarossa offered some depth in that he’s the jealous and needy brother of Zeloris and Meliodas. Derrerie and Monspeet started to learn about forgiveness, and then one of them is killed off. One could say Meliodas is a villain now, but we all know that’s not going to last. With no compelling villain, or rather, we have no idea which villain is going to strike and who’s pulling the strings, there is a loss of tension, disguised as uncertainty of “anyone is the big baddy” (when it’s probably the goddesses who are going to become the antagonists).

    Speaking of pulling the strings, many characters seem to be doing that or are affected by it (Estarossa, goddesses, Elizabeth, Merlin, Gowther). Furthermore, characters are starting to hint at them being reincarnated forms of the past. Everyone and everything is seemingly going to repeat itself. This in my opinion is a lazy way to fix the issue of having too many characters, by writing them off as reincarnated versions of your other characters. We find out Merlin, Gowther, Meliodas, Elizabeth, and even Ban all have some complicated reincarnated past and stretching familial and blood ties to each other that it gets too confusing to understand whose relationship is to whose and whether it’s positive or not. The story tries to fix this by inserting memory loss and recollections to fix the timelines of things, but this in my opinion confuses things even more.

    At it’s core, any story that uses power levels to solve its combat issues, memory loss to drive character development (Diane, King, Gowther, Elizabeth, Meliodas, Merlin) and reincarnation to fix the issue of having too many characters, then those are red flags for me. I can see how other people enjoy this show, because they don’t overthink it like I do. Just like how you are not supposed to overthink Blue’s Clues, you can’t enjoy something as much. If you like the show, good for you, enjoy it for what it entertains you with. If you don’t maybe you’ll share my opinions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s such a bummer. You know this was the first post I ever did for GrimmGirl. I had never heard of Seven Deadly Sins but I saw it on Netflix and I thought it would be good for a first review since so many people have Netflix they’d actually be able to watch it if they wanted. It has been ages since this first post and whenever I re-read it I’m always like, “Ahhhhh Omgoodness I sound so angry!” But this was seriously the first anime that made me react like this! Sometimes I think maybe I should try again and then I see this post and it all comes flooding back to me and I’m like NOPE. I just cannot deal with these concepts! I have so many people who will still recommend this show to me lol when we’re talking anime. I’ll mention how I love Fairy Tail for instances and they’ll be like, “Yeah, have you seen Seven Deadly Sins? It’s so funny I feel like you’d love it.” And I always just respond with, “I’ve caught a few episodes but it just wasn’t my thing.” XD No need to go on a huge rant on everything that drives me up the wall about it. I agree though creepy sex stuff aside I was disappointed in the plot and characters overall. Usually be the end of a few episodes there is at least one character that I connect to. I also think that if I cared about the storyline more I could’ve powered through but for me this show just had to many concepts that I just don’t like in shows overall.


      1. I forgot my WordPress info so I’m replying with a new account, but you made the right call. I wish I did what you did, but I powered through in hopes of seeing some change. I think a good guideline of continuing a show or not is to get somewhere around 1/4-1/2 through and if it remains mediocre, then it’s time to jump ship. Everything you said still holds true, and ah I don’t think you sounded as angry as you think you did in your original post. As I said, some people like and are entertained by simple, generic (Elizabeth=damsel in distress, King=shy kid with low self esteem) and cute characters (minus Ban, but he has his own fanbase), and the show offers that as its main course. I can enjoy it to an extent, but I prefer something more than what this show has.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Aww thank you! Whenever I read it I feel like I sound so harsh lol. But it was my very first post so I never want to delete it. It always surprises me how often I get this show recommended to me when I say I like Fairy Tail because personally I feel like these two shows are on two different levels. I feel like Fairy Tail is much more rounded than this show and each of the characters have such different storylines not a bunch of people with amnesia or whatever. Each character has their own individual persona. I really like that. There are def times where I enjoy something more generic. But it’s mostly when I want to watch something without really having to pay attention lol because everything is simple and predictable. But I def can’t become a die hard fan of it.

        Also bummer about your WP, I’ve done that before too!

        Liked by 1 person

  19. Imo 7DS has it downs but also has its ups
    Questionable moments that might break your TV like these ones guy called Gowther the sin of lust shows his groin out of nowhere also) in a smaller version)
    Jokes start getting repetitive.
    Hawk was pretty useless but this was solved later.
    Elizabeth cries and whines too much
    Time to stop from here.
    Fights that I personally like but you may not like

    and a few others
    Hawk has became an OG,I first started liking him when he took that blow from Hendrickson.

    Hawk later on also learned new forms like sand crawler,and red demon form,which gives him much more of a chance.
    I also have some more PROS but i’m too lazy :/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I found Gowther as annoying as the others… here he is, another androginous, emotionless kid character who is all guided by logic and cannot understand human emotions and social conventions, thus he’s sooo attracted by them.

      And he serves as alternative fan service too, as being androginous allows for completely random scenes with him ending up dressed in French maid outfits & the like while looking all “geee, I dunno how I ended up dressed like this…”.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Gowther had emotions but he erased the because a girl who loved died he tried to give her his hurt heart but it didn’t work so he got rid of his emotions because he didn’t want to experience that ever again


      2. Well that helps explaining his character, though emotions aren’t the only thing he seems to be lacking: he looks like a Vulcanian from Star Trek who has never interacted with humans, and doesn’t understand basic common sense or social interactions. Even if he got rid of his human emotions, he should remember all that stuff.

        And what does he have to do with Luxury?

        Liked by 1 person

      1. People can like it because there are these thoughts people have called opinions that exist, look it up you might learn a thing or two


  20. This anime is so bad. It’s everything cringey and cliche about modern anime. Pervy is one thing but Meliodas straight up molests people and its treated completely normal in the show. Nothing makes sense. It’s all stupid and unoriginal.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve heard it gets better but man I CAN’T DO IT! Seriously the episodes I watch were enough for this lifetime. I’m still disappointed in this show. The premise sounded so promising.


  21. Lol right 😂 How do I not fit the bill for people who would like the show? I started watching BECAUSE it was an anime that sounded like something I’d like! Fighting fantasy anime is my bread and butter. Just because you love a genre doesn’t mean you’ll like every anime in that genre. And just because you don’t like one series in a genre doesn’t mean you hate the whole genre.


  22. yes its true, the art is shit like a Dragon Ball rip-off. the progress of the story is snail like, theres nothing to be learned its just trash all over, typical fantasy anime garbage

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I still have not been able to bring myself to try to watch this again lol. It’s been a few years but I think there are just some shows that are not meant to be for me XD this is 100% that show! I get that other people like this show but for me it literally encompasses everything I hate in one show lol.


  23. Because they were cursed.
    If you read the manga, you’ll know the reason.

    Hawk is not designed to be like Happy nor Meliodas to others.
    Please, Don’t compare other characters to other mainstream characters.
    You want them to become not like the “mainstream” like the perv that is funny, or hawk as a funny and cute pet BUT you keep comparing the characters to other mainstream characters, they were different characters from different anime.

    *Elizabeth was cursed to fall in love with Meliodas
    *Meliodas and Elizabeth is about 3,000 years lovers, that is why Meliodas is very open to Elizabeth.

    When you began spitting shits, when you don’t even know what the anime/manga all about.

    I love nanatsu no taizai even though I’m a girl, and I took the RATIONAL reason why (finishing the anime, as well as the manga), and not like this IRRATIONAL criticism.
    This criticism is so stupid, like making a movie review that only finishes the introduction.


    1. Meh. It’s been years after writing this and I still don’t like this show. I wasn’t reviewing the manga I was reviewing the anime so I saw no reason to read the manga to decide if I wanted to continue the show. This is a fairly mainstream show and really you can compare the characters to any other character. My issue was that Hawk was to me a poorly done Happy and annoying. I feel like my comment stands because my review was based off my reaction to this show. There is nothing “irrational” about this post because a personal review is someones PERSONAL feelings on why the liked or disliked a show. Every reason I listed above is exactly why I stopped watching the show after a few episodes. For anybody reading this the issues I have with the show may or may not matter to them. If they matter then this show wouldn’t be for them and they probably shouldn’t waste their time trying to watch it. If the reasons I gave above doesn’t matter to them then they can go ahead and watch the show and have a great time.

      As for me not finishing this show and writing a review the point of the review was that I hated it all so much in the first few episodes that I COULDN’T finish it. Watching each episode (for me) was misery. You want me to watch more of it so I can what? List of more moments I hate? Seems like a waste of time and reading. There are people that love this show but I’m not one of them and I’m not apologizing for having reasons for not liking a show and then writing about them on an anime site where the point is to do exactly that.

      If you like the show then you should list reasons you dig it. But again I don’t so I wont.

      Oh and last point I do know about the whole 3,000 year relationship status but that literally doesn’t change any of the reasons their interactions make me super uncomfortable. Just because you are with someone doesn’t mean you get to forego consent. Lol their interactions are (to me) creepy as all HELL.


    2. PREEEEECH finally someone with a brain how can you sit here and judge something after 4 episodes if you dont know the backstory


  24. I’ve checked the reddit page for 7deadlysins, and they seem to hate anyone who says that Meliodas is rapey.
    One guy even said the following:
    “Meliodas and Elizabeth is only weird in the sense that, essentially everything we’ve seen in the series up until the point Elizabeth learned about it was a lie. We can understand why Meliodas had to conceal it, but it’s weird rereading all these comic relief moments seeing him act a fool when she’s a reincarnated Goddess’ that he’s loved for centuries and he remembers their past w/ perfect clarity.”

    And all I could think of was that she’s reincarnated from the Goddess— not ACTUALLY the Goddess. It’s like saying Naruto and Hashirama are the same person because Naruto was his reincarnation. Or Kikyo and Kagome from Inuyasha.

    The lengths these fans will go to justify the straight up rapey vibe of the character is beyond mind boggling, but that’s to be expected from fan communities. They’re incapable of hearing any criticism whatsoever. They’ll say it’s “for laughs”, when it’s actually cringey af, not funny at all.


  25. I’m not going to defend Meliodas for what he does but Elizabeth is actually a goddess that was cursed to be a human and be constantly reincarnated for falling in love with Meliodas because of this she still has lingering feelings for him which is why she does not get that upset it’s him and hawk is the reincarnation of meliodas’ Pet wandle who was a bird which is why hawk can talk and why he has the name of a bird. Also hawk is occasionally helpful in the series. And regarding Meliodas he is a demon who has lived thousands of years and has been cursed to be unable to die so that is partly why he acts in those ways


    1. I have heard about the backstory since this post but I’ve never gone back to the show. It’s just too much for me. Even with that I think their relationship could’ve been handled better. Usaki and Momaru are in a similar situation in Sailor Moon but they’re dynamics are still consensual. I dislike the premise that because they were together in a different life she subconsciously lets him do what he wants even if she is uncomfortable and the idea that he feels entitled to her sexual because of their past lives. Lol it still hits me the wrong way 😅


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  27. Finally someone gets it! My brother ADORES this anime and is constantly on my ass for not liking it. I couldn’t even get passed the first scene with him groping her and her waking up not even reacting. I don’t like pervy characters or scenes, but usually I can try to ignore them and focus on the other stuff, I did it with Soul Eater (and my brother is constantly nagging me on why the first scenes with Blair is different than the one in SDS), but I just couldn’t continue after that, and aside from that scene, the characters just seemed annoying.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have never had such a negative reaction to an anime before in my life. Looking back I really think it was how every incident is presented and how often is presented. Watching it is like you can’t get through more than five minutes without another REALLY gross or problematic moment popping up. And for me there was nothing else to carry the show to make up for it. The want a character I connected too, the plot wasn’t roping me in, and the humor wasn’t there for me at all. Lol it just wasn’t and to this day isn’t my cup of tea 😅


  28. Im sorry but you shouldn’t be judging a show from watching 3-4 episodes. Meliodas is not a perv, actually if you watched the show during a tragedy that happened 15 years before they came in contact Meliodas’ girlfriend, Liz, died in a battle against the demon race in the Kingdom of Danafal where Meliodas was the holy knight grandmaster. Meliodas let his wrath out and destroyed the kingdom and left the ruins carrying a baby, who was Elizabeth, the reincarnation of Liz. Also Elizabeth is in love with Meliodas maybe if you watched the show you would realize that and it bothers me that you can say you “fucking hate a show” after only three episodes.


  29. umm master roshi sexually harassed a 16 year old in the original dragon ball dont forget bulmas 16 in og dragon ball


  30. I really don’t like being rude here and I know you made this quite a while ago but I feel like it isn’t right to express your hate on various characters. I mean I can accept that you might not like the character but expressing how much hate and agreeing to these horrible comments are just really getting out of hand. I’m really not trying to be rude here and since I haven’t read any other anime reviews I can’t really judge you for this. You might hate the character but it isn’t there fault that they got made that way and that you shouldn’t be so rude with them. I know that they will never see this because their fictional but I really think that you should maybe try and stop with so much hate towards the characters.

    I for one think that they are all amazing characters but your opinion is yours to keep. I maybe not know what you might hate them for but for up-coming anime reviews that you might do. Please try and keep it a little more friendlier. Sorry…I really don’t like to argue…

    I just think that judging a anime that you’ve only watched like 3 episodes of isn’t right. As for the people who commented bad things about it…
    I really think that if your gonna review something you have to have at least watch the whole season to judge it because if you didn’t, it really isn’t a sincere review. If you really do this then you have to know the full story of the series because if you don’t your review doesn’t really matter. Yes people might agree with you but it doesn’t change the fact that you have to judge something so ruthlessly after only watching barely 5 episodes.

    You may be thinking that I’m some sort of adult that’s trying to fix your mistakes but I’m just a middleschooler. I’m sorry if I’m being rude. HONEST! But I just hope that you could finish something before judging.

    A fellow reader…


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