Grimm Baby Update <3

Hey Grimms ❤ It’s been awhile so I thought I’d do a little Grimm Baby Update! As many of you know I’m pregnant. If you didn’t know then you are probably a bit new to the Grimm Community we have going on here. I am 30 weeks pregnant so this has been cooking along for […]

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Harry Potter for Diplomat

Hey Grimms ❤ I feel like I haven’t written anything for OWLS in much to long! I admit my participation has been a little all over lately. The last tour I participated in was for September and technically I didn’t write, I did a livestream. So I’m very excited to be back on the writing […]

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The Unique Blogger Award

Hey Grimms, Sorry for the lack of writing lately. I have been utterly exhausted! On the plus side I am officially in my third trimester! Hurrah!!!! That means I only have roughly three months to go… Depending on how long this baby wants to hang out in there! You never really know when a baby […]

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Threading Eyebrows Over Waxing?

Grimms, So the other day I was meandering through the mall when I spotted an eyebrow threading spot. Now I myself am a wax type of chica but I’ve heard a lot of people raving about the greatness of threading ones eyebrows. Mine actually needed a refresher so I thought I’d step outside my comfort […]

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