OWLS TOUR: Sanctuary, Immigration, and Ace of Diamond

OWLS TOUR: Sanctuary, Immigration, and Ace of Diamond

Hello, Hello!

It’s been a minute hasn’t it? The hiatus till April is still going strong; the good news is it is almost over! Thank you so much everyone for your patience. As I mentioned before during this hiatus expect nothing but the occasional Flashback Friday and of course my OWLS posts!

New to the scene?

Check out our official OWLS website OwlsBloggers for all the information you could dream. Not to mention if you feel like OWLS is a group you’d like to contribute to going to our website is your first stop in applying ❤

In a nutshell though OWLS (Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self-Respect) is an online group founded by Otaku to promote a community accepting of individuals regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, or anything else under the sun. We want to create a world where you are judged based on your actions. If you are nice to people what should your race or religion (etc.) matter on how people view you?

To build that world we’re doing what otaku do best! We’re bringing in shows and other otaku related things and using them to help discuss difficult topics. It is only through discussions can we begin to accept each other for who we are.

In January we started off big with our blog tour Disruptors! Lot’s of great posts on the merits of protesting, what it means to disrupt, and why sometimes you have to go against the system to do the right thing so I hope you were able to catch them. I used Naruto in my post OWLS Disruptors Blog Tour: Naruto as an example of changing the world from within your political system.

February was a super fun theme using the anime Yuri On Ice to discuss Flight. I was pumped to use Yuri On Ice to illustrate my hopes for Flight within the LGBTQ community with my post Diversity and the Normalization of the LGBTQ Community Brought to You By Yuri On Ice what a mouthful am I right? Hahaha but I still feel like it was a solid post!

This month OWLS has decided to run with the idea of Sanctuary.

“A sanctuary is a place of safety and stability. In anime, there are several different places and environments that characters call “home.” For this topic, we will be discussing various locations and settings within certain anime series.”  

Recently the idea of “home” has been heatedly discussed in my country of America. With the idea of immigration creating huge divides metaphorically and literally the idea of sanctuary has really been laying heavily on my mind. This blog tour caused me to think about how I envision my country. How do I make my home a home for everyone?

To do this I decided to look at the anime Ace of Diamond. You may be wondering how the heck I’m going to relate that to sanctuary and immigration… Well sit back Grimms ❤ Didn’t you know that baseball is considered an American pastime?

If you are unfamiliar with the anime Ace of Diamond please for the love of GOD go watch it. Also I would like to apologize because the falling post will automatically be spoilery.

Moving On…

Ace of Diamond quote2

In Ace of Diamond everyone is meant to function as a team. Many of the members of the baseball team live together and because of this spend almost 24 hours a day with each other. They don’t always get along, see eye-to-eye, or even like each other, but they are all there for the same thing. They want their team to be the best; they want to make it to Nationals.

This isn’t easy. It requires hard work, dedication, but most importantly it requires realism. It requires each player to acknowledge that even though they are a team their biggest competition is each other, not the opposing teams.

It is one thing to be on the team, it is another thing entirely to play in a game. The reality of the situation is that there are over 100 people in their baseball club but only nine members are allowed on the field. Does that mean that the other 91 players are completely worthless?

Absolutely NOT

Ace of Diamond quote1
Well said coach. Like a team everyone contributes to a country’s well being

Through Ace of Diamond we learn that each player regardless of whether or not they take the field help to contribute to the team and make it what it is. Even if they aren’t on the field if the team wins it is their win and when the team loses it is their loss.

We are able to view through each episode that there are many ways that a team is able to become great and that making it to Nationals requires more than just good players. The character Chris is a great example of this. He isn’t able to play do to an injury but that doesn’t stop him from being instrumental in helping his teammates to grow as players, particularly in Sawamura’s case.

We also see that even if a player does start out in the bleachers it doesn’t mean they won’t take the field in the future. We have no way to measure human potential or the ability a person has to better themselves through hard work. We aren’t able to see into the future.

Did anyone on that first day really believe that Sawamura would become as necessary to the team as he is? I feel like there were some characters that recognized a spark of potential but I think very few expected him to start his first year taking the field.

Yes the Seido baseball team is competitive as hell, and yes they don’t always get along, but they are a perfect example of multiple people coming together to form a sanctuary and work towards a common goal.

This is what I would like to see from America when it comes to immigration.

Every immigrant that comes to America isn’t necessarily going to be a star, just like every player that comes to Seido isn’t a star, but that doesn’t mean they don’t belong! It doesn’t mean they cannot make America or Seido their home!

Each thing a person does contributes to the wellbeing of the country because our country is the team. I don’t care if you’re cashier at Kwik Trip or the President. You are equally important because you help our country as a whole function.

If at some point a member of our community where to fall down whether it be through addiction, mental illness, poverty (etc.) are we to abandon them? Of course not! We should extend a hand to help them overcome their difficulties even if it is an inconvenience to us.

Ace of Diamond quote5
I feel like this quote can be used for our beliefs on immigration and the fear tactics being pushed. It is one thing to try to make this country safe, it is another thing to blame people (based on religion, ethnicity etc) for your countries problems. Your not keeping the country’s wellbeing in mind. You’re just thinking of yourself.

Something I thought that was cool about Ace of Diamond is that even though they are competing against each other there isn’t a single member of the team that wants another teammate to suck. When the see another member of the team achieving something they don’t try to knock them down for it because they wanted it. They work harder to better themselves while congratulating their teammate.

When another member faces an obstacle they try to be there for them to provide support. They help each other no matter what. Putting the team’s well being over their individual wants. Most importantly they don’t let themselves become overridden with fear.

My hope is that one day my country is able to look at immigration without all of the negativity. I want to be able to essentially look at it the Seido looks at their team. Every person no matter where they are from or what their skill level is has the potential to make our country better each day just by trying.

I would say that no matter where you are born if you are willing to go to another country and work hard to make a life for yourself and family and by default contribute to the well being of that nation then that should be commended and applauded, not drenched in animosity.

Call me a dreamer but I think that our world would be so much better if we looked at immigration as a chance to build up our team so to speak. A chance to acknowledge that each individual brings something to the table and all of that adds up to something amazing. If you consider a place your home, you love it, you work hard to protect it and to be safe then isn’t that your sanctuary regardless of where you are from or where you were born?

Ace of Diamond quote6
We don’t know how people will bloom and grow. Isn’t it more worthwhile to give them a chance than to snuff out the possibility based on preconceived notions?

I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Please make sure to check Pink’s post on March 31st and if you missed ChasingJapan’s post from 27th make sure to read it now! Remember I’m just one perspective. Through the Internet we have the ability to see multiple perspectives don’t let that chance pass you by!

With that said don’t forget to comment below with your viewpoints on my post ❤ Let’s build some bridges through discussion people!

In Case You Missed It… Livestream Edition!

In Case You Missed It… Livestream Edition!

Hello Grimms,

Nope. The hiatus isn’t over yet! However I did want to let everyone how happy I am that my livestream with Lita Kino from Lita Kino Anime Corner and Pokeninja90 from Good Job Breaking It Hero. It was so much fun and we have decided to make this a regular thing! Every month we will do a stream for OWLS discussing the blog tours and future plans.

If you want to stay up to date on OWLS news I recommend checking out our new website OwlsBloggers it’s also a great place if you’re new to the scene to check out what OWLS is and what we do. Or if you are really pumped about the cause and want to join signing up through our official OWLS website is your first step ❤

My last bit of news is for anyone who missed the livestream and still wanted to see it. The full video is on my Youtube Channel Kat Sade Grimm so if you have some time to kill go check it out! I promise you talk on OWLS, food, Haikyuu, Cons, and maybe… The Secret Life of the the Great Temptress Lita! 

Check you later!



Yo ❤

As you all know I’m on a hiatus until April. This means I won’t be posting regularly except for my OWLS posts and the occasional Flashback Friday. However this is a special quick post!

Today at 7:30 EST I will be doing a livestream with the fabulous Pokeninja90 from Nice Job Breaking It Hero and the majestic Lita Kino from LitaKinoAnimeCorner! We’ll be discussing OWLS and our first two tours. It’s going to be a lot of fun and is an excellent way to connect with other perspectives through chat. So if you have a chance come hang with us.

Date: February 25, 2017

Time: 7:30 EST

Place: My YouTube Channel

Hope to see you all there!

Diversity and the Normalization of the LGBTQ Community Brought To You By Yuri On Ice

Diversity and the Normalization of the LGBTQ Community Brought To You By Yuri On Ice

I hope everyone is ready to discuss some big issues with anime and the LGBTQ community because OWLS (Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self-Respect) has dedicated the month of February to the discussion of Flight through the Otaku Lens of Yuri On Ice.

“An individual takes flight when there is a goal, a dream, or an ambition that he or she wants to achieve. However, for this blog post, we are going to look at “flight” in different lenses: the underdog’s dream, the possibilities that Yuri on Ice allows viewers to think about, and also the dangers of greed and ignorance that can influence one’s dream.”

Already my fellow OWLS members have been bringing down the house with their views on this subject. I have been greatly impressed! If you haven’t had a chance to check out any of their posts please do so. You won’t regret it!

I really enjoyed the last post by Steph blogger for Two Happy Cats who discussed YOI and it’s view of love. She highlights how inspired love can make our dreams take flight while dependent love will cause us to crash and burn so to speak. Really interesting read, so make sure to check it out.

For my version I would like to discuss the normalization of the LGBTQ community through diversity and how Yuri On Ice gives flight to my dream of equality regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.


To begin this topic I would like to discuss the terms, “normalization” and “diversity”.

Normalization: (noun) The process of bringing or returning something to a normal condition or state.

Diversity: (noun) The sate of being diverse; variety.

                           A range of different things.

When I say I want the normalization of the LGBTQ community what I mean is I want people to understand that anyone that is apart of, identifies, or supports the LGBTQ community is NORMAL. I want the recognition that being gay, transgender, or any of the above does not mean that you are blasphemous or in need of some sort of psychological intervention.

I believe media plays a very big role in this endeavor and anime is not exempt from that. I have talked about this before but media has the power to showcase different perspectives and therefore shape beliefs and opinions on a matter.

When I say diversity what I mean is diverse characters that represent the LGBTQ community. I want there to be characters that are as diverse and relatable as the zillions of heterosexual and cisgender character portrayals I see in anime and in media as a whole.

This brings me to why I love Yuri On Ice so much and how it gives me hope that my dreams are on the right track to becoming a reality. The fact of the matter is anime does not do a great job of normalizing the LGBTQ Community.

The majority of gay or lesbian relationships tend to be boiled down to either fanservice or fanfiction. The yaoi genre in particular tends to uphold various aspects of rape culture and restricts one character as the dominant “male” while feminizing the second character and making them clearly submissive.

This right here is a huge blog topic in itself.

Any character that dances the line between gender roles tends to be reduced to comic relief (not to be take seriously). On top of that these relationships all seem to move at lightening fast pace. Perpetuating this idea that if you are in a homosexual relationship your just out and about having sex and committing sexual acts 24/7.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against that. This issue I have comes into play with the lack of diversity. Read on fellow Grimms because here where things get real. I cannot speak for how things are going in other countries since I live in America but I do read and from what I can tell the following points I am about to bring up seem to be pretty universal.

I look forward to the day where we can all see this picture and just see two people clearly falling in love ❤

One of the things people say against the LGBTQ community is that they are sexual deviants. Now I in no way believe that but that is an insult members of the community have to face, as untrue as I find it. What is interesting about that is the way gay/lesbian/transgender people are then portrayed in anime.

In general people seem to have this belief that people should take their time in the realm of sexual matters. Moving to fast is frowned upon. Now I don’t care how fast you move as long as it is consensual but I recognize the social normal. What is interesting is to see how this social norm is played out in anime.

The “right” thing to do is to wait to move the relationship to a physical level. We see this portrayed to the extreme with heterosexual anime couples all the time.

How long did we wait for Kagome and Inuyasha to kiss? When did Naruto and Hinata finally become canon? Will Natsu and Lucy ever be together?!!! Season and seasons past as we wait for these answers!

The “wrong” thing to do is to become too physical to quickly. We see this portrayed to the extreme with homosexual anime all the time.

Izumi and Ryoma from Love Stage have their first sexual encounter after what? The second or third episode? We waited seasons for Inuyash and Kagome to kiss but Ryoma has no problem pulling down Izumi’s pants by episode three? Not to mention how much further that progressed.

That is basically the standard norm for yaoi/BL relationships in the anime/manga world and that’s a problem. If our societal norm is for legitimate couples to progress towards a physical relationship doesn’t it strike you as odd that we then create the majority of LGBTQ relationships to do the exact opposite of that?


On top of that any “gay” relationship that doesn’t progress quickly is usually fanfiction. Consider Miyuki and Sawamura at this point their relationship as pure fantasy on the part of the viewer highlighted by our mounds of fanfics on the subject. This sends a clear subconscious message. The idea of a homosexual relationship that progresses overtime is fantasy.

This idea is driven home by the lack of diversity of LGBTQ characters in anime. If all we see in the media are these versions of the community then we begin to subconsciously typecast the community as a whole. It also enforces stereotypes and biases we harbor. Members of the LGBTQ community are just as diverse as members of the cisgender community and should be portrayed that way in anime!

This brings me to my love of Yuri On Ice ❤ ❤ ❤

Unlike many yaoi/BL relationships portrayed in anime Viktor and Yuri’s relationship develops over time with to consensual participants. How often have we seen a yaoi/BL relationship develop only after the “dominate” partner has made advances on the unwilling “submissive” that later changes their tune.

By the way has anyone every noticed how the above scenario reinforces the whole, “Gay people turn others gay” myth.

To add to their amazingness neither Yuri nor Viktor follow the stereotypical dominate/submissive pattern. Both Yuri and Viktor exhibit both of these traits. They can each be unsure of themselves or each other. They can also each be proud of themselves and each other. Are there some people that have more dominate personalities or submissive personalities? Of course! However no one person is tied those roles and they certainly are not rooted in one’s gender.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The persistence of constantly assigning the male who is more feminine to the role of a submissive personality enforces this idea that women are and should be submissive. Which just isn’t the case. We are humans and our moods, ideals, and personalities are constantly evolving and growing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Speaking of femininity, while the majority of shows reduce any gender fluid character to the punch lines of the series Yuri On Ice takes the opposite view. The feminine side of the skaters isn’t reduced to weakness or comedy but is instead looked on with reverence for its beauty and strength.

We see this portrayed by Viktor, Yuri, and Yurio at various times throughout the series. I loved how they did this! I personally feel that this is exactly the type of diversity we need in anime. I’m not saying we can’t have the funny gay friend or the flamboyant transgender, what I’m saying is that we need to add to those perspectives because the LGBTQ community is not just represented by those characters alone. Just like the cisgender community isn’t made up of simple the dominant male and the submissive female.

If you mistake Yurio’s femininity for weakness you’re probably going to get your ass kicked. Just saying.

My favorite part of Yuri On Ice is the fact that as their relationship grows it isn’t ridiculed by the other members of the show. It is encouraged! To me this is the reality I dream for. The proof that when humanity is able to realize that not only we all completely normal whether we identify as cisgender or as a member of the LGBTQ community but that we are all diverse!

The characters of Yuri On Ice are able to do that and that is why I believe they are able to be so accepting of Yuri and Viktor’s relationship. It is normal to them because it is normal. Why wouldn’t two skaters fall in love when they share a mutual respect for each other and a common interest? Why wouldn’t a relationship develop between two adults who spend significant time together and obviously care about each other? The fact that they’re two men is never discussed because it doesn’t matter. What matters to their friends and family is whether or not Viktor and Yuri are happy together and whether their relationship is healthy and encouraging.

Ah, to live in such a world where we are judged not on the way we were born but on the actions we portray. That is my dream and that is my “flight” so to speak. To create a world where who you are attracted to is a non-issue as long as you are being respectful and consensual with your actions. Does the love you have inspire you to achieve your goals and to better yourself? Then it’s perfect.

I hope you all enjoyed this post ❤ Don’t forget to comment below and to keep your comments constructive. We don’t all have to agree but we do have to discuss things in a respectful way. How else will we learn about each other?

Also don’t forget to check out Venus’ post on JapanimeTalks will be posting her OWLS article on February 17th. Look out for it!

Check you all later!


Don’t forget excluding OWLS Blog Tours and the occasional Flashback Friday I’m on hiatus! I’ll tell you more about that when I’m officially back in April. ❤



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Flashback Friday With Lyn Lyn Says: OWLS: Disrupting Gender in Ouran High School Host Club

Flashback Friday With Lyn Lyn Says: OWLS: Disrupting Gender in Ouran High School Host Club

Grimms ❤

First off thank you so much for your patience! I know I haven’t been my usual posting self as of late.

*Hangs Head in Shame*

Unfortunately that trend is going to continue for a bit. You can basically consider me on vacation until about April. Waaaaaahhhh! I’m sorry everyone but currently my life is very hectic. I swear I shall tell you all about it in good time. In the meantime please bare with me as best you can.

During my little hiatus I will still be posting for OWLS! You can expect my next OWLS post on February 15th discussing Yuri On Ice and normalizing the LGBTQ Community. You can expect another OWLS post from me in March (date TBA) on Sanctuaries. I will also try my best to keep up with my Flashback Fridays. They will be hit and miss though depending on my crazy life.

Speaking of Flashback Friday today’s flashback is brought to you by Lyn Lyn from LynLynSays! She posted this beauty of a post on January 16, 2017 for our very first OWLS Blog Tour.

What I love about this post is how Lyn used Ranka from Ouran High School Host Club to discuss how disruptors often force others to review their own perspectives while relating to another’s. On top of that she is also able to link it to the late great Martin Luther King Jr. ❤ He is one of my heroes and I love how Coretta Scott (his wife) has spoken out in the past discussion how she feel MLK would have used his position to speak up for the LGBTQ community if he were still alive. She herself used her position to raise awareness for LGBTQ Rights. Talk about to great disruptors!

Once again great work Lyn Lyn! If you all have a chance you should visit LynLynSays for even more top notch articles.

See you soon Grimms!

Just Something About LynLyn


Welcome to my first ever OWLS Bloggers‘ Blog Tour post. This January’s topic is “Disruptors.” Arria from Fujinsei did an excellent job with her post about “Disruptors” in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 which can be read here.

Disruptors Topic

“To disrupt” has a negative denotation, but rather than looking at the verb in a negative light, we are going to use the verb in a positive way. It’s like the word, “protest” which has positive and negative connotations depending on the perspective of the person.

Disruptors: An individual or a group disturbing a system or social norms/conventions that they believe is destroying what is morally right.

View original post 695 more words

Hawaii Five-O Season 1: Aloha

Hawaii Five-O Season 1: Aloha

Aloha ❤

I’m trying to get in the spirit of things what with this post being all about the reboot of Hawaii Five-O. This show has been on for quite some time (it’s in its seventh season) but I only recently started watching it on Netflix. I was looking for a new cop show to watch and Hawaii Five-O does star Daniel Dae Kim and he’s a total hottie. I am not ashamed to say that his presence was a factor in deciding to give this show a shot.

“Steve McGarret returns home to Oahu, in order to find his father’s killer. The governor offers him the chance to run his own task force (Five-0).”- IMDB


I was again pretty surprised by how much I liked this show. The cool thing is tat McGarret is a Navy Seal so his athleticism is actually believable. He’s endured some of the harshest training out there. It also opens up the show to a lot more types of plot-twists and possibilities because McGarret has obviously made some enemies during his seal days. This helps this show separate itself from other cop shows currently on the market.

Season one really focuses on McGarret bringing his Five-0 team together. I really like that out of the main characters I don’t find any of them annoying. Seriously that is something to consider when watching a show. A main character is going to be around for a while so if you find them super annoying it can be a real deal breaker.

You have Steve McGarret a Navy Seal and son of a retired cop. He certainly brings the Alpha male character so prepare yourself for that. On the plus side it can actually bring some pretty humorous moments between him and Danny his second in command so to speak. The majority of first season revolves around McGarret and his reaction to his father’s murder.

Can’t knock a guy with tattoos

Danny Williams aka “Dan-o” is a former cop from Jersey. He has is originally in charge of the case involving the murder of McGarret’s father and that is actually how Danny and Steve meet. Their relationship starts out pretty rocky but it’s fun to watch their relationship develop throughout the season. I also get a kick out of their dynamic. Danny spends a lot of time trying to (unsuccessfully) rein in McGarret’s go get ‘em attitude.

Danny doesn’t do the floral shirts.

Chin Ho Kelly is a former cop but he lost his badge after an IA investigation. Chin maintains his innocence and Steve’s dad really trusted him so Steve decides to trust him as well. Throughout the first season we are able to see how the IA investigation and his label as a “dirty” cop have affected Chin’s relationship with his family and the other cops around him.

Daniel Dae Kim of the CBS series HAWAII FIVE-0. Photo: Art Streiber/CBS © 2010 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Kono Kalakaua is a total rookie and still in the academy, although she is close to graduating. She use to be a pro-surfer but after a knee injury she decided to follow in her family’s footsteps and become a cop. She is also the cousin of Chin and is the only one in the family who believes that Chin is innocent. She’s probably my favorite character. I love her loyalty to Chin; she is really such a great cousin. On top of that she kicks ass… literally. The girl can fight.

She’s so cool

While the show does focus on individual murders/crime happening on the island it does a great job of creating a central plot. I like when shows do this. Throughout the first season even though the team has other cases the main thing they are concerned with is figuring out what really happened to Steve’s dad?

At first it seems like a clear-cut case but the more they dig into the murder the more Steve begins to realize it may be connected to something much bigger.


Don’t be surprised if you begin to hate Danny’s ex-wife as much as I do. That woman is the British devil.


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So You Want To Join Fairy Tail?

So You Want To Join Fairy Tail?

Would you look at that…

A SATURDAY post! It’s been some time since I last posted on Saturday. Even though my blogging goal is to get new content to you all everyday (with Friday being a reblog post) life does not always line up with blogging. So I know I have been pretty sporadic this month.

Finally I will be doing another Fan Favorite! These posts are brought to you by the polls I have on GrimmGirl. The last post I did was Five Facts For Fan Favorite Edward! After you chose Edward as your favorite character from Cowboy Bebop. In the latest poll you all chose Fairy Tail as the guild you would most like to join.

If you are going to join Fairy Tail it’s a good idea to have a few facts before you go in brought to you by some of our favorite Women of Fairy Tail! Here are five facts that will help you break the ice on your first day in the guild.

Fact One: The Beatles

Are you secretly hoping to join Fairy Tail in order to cozy up to the one and only Lucy Heartfillia? Personally I don’t think you have a chance 😛 Because Natsu and Lucy are totally going to end up together. You can always aim for being awesome friends!

Welcome to the family everyone ❤

To break the ice you might want to mention The Beatles. Apparently Lucy’s name is taken from the famous Beatles song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. Could that also be the basis for her celestial powers? I guess you’ll have to ask her to find out!

Fact Two: Ignore the Smut

According to Levy, the great and powerful Erza has been know to indulge in the occasional “inappropriate” or “racy” novel! I knew it! I can sense it I tell you. I’m a hundred percent sure that Erza and I would bond over smutty yaoi and many other fun titles 😀 You can’t fool me Ezra!

Blushing Erza is pretty adorable

To be fair the girl needs something to do while she’s waiting for Jellal. Yeah I’m talking to you buddy!

Fact Three: Not So Nice… Wendy?

Yes you Wendy!

Originally Wendy was going to be a bit of a badass with a slight dark side! Can you imagine? Instead we have the adorable Wendy we’ve grown to adore ❤ She seems like she would be one of the first to welcome any newcomer to the guild.

Fact Four: Gender Bender

Speaking of characters we can’t imagine differently did you know in Mavis’ originally design she was MALE?! I’m so glad she ended up being a woman. I love that Fairy Tail is home to such strong women and its origins began with the original impressive women, Mavis! The fact that Mavis brings her tactician skills to make Fairy Tail one of the most impressive guilds on the scene is icing on the cake.

The original badass

Don’t let her sweet outlook fool you. Mess with Fairy Tail and she will bring you down.

Fact Five: Oh the Shipping

We can’t discuss wonderfully intelligent women and not think of Levy! Did you know that originally Levy was meant to be just a background character?!


You can do it Levy!

Thank heavens Hiro Mashima changed his mind. I personally like to think that eventually Levy will turn her smarts towards tactician planning like the great Mavis. She is incredible smart. Strength isn’t just determined by bicep size, intelligence is needed and Levy brings that in spades.

I hope you all enjoyed these facts! After all this I have to say… I kind of feel like watching some Fairy Tail.


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